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Howdy! This is the Mastodon page for the game Shield Cat! Please check it out by following this link, thanksπŸ’™:

oh yea someone asked about how I make Lance's sprites so here's the basics of it. It's just a 3D model that I render at a super low resolution and then clean up and add shading to, same kind of thing like they did for DKC

There we go, fully implemented grandfather clock that not only tells what time it is (accurately, the hours and minutes are offset correctly - its just small) but it also plays this song on the hour

(I'm forcing it to play the song not on the hour though lmao)

This is Claire, leader of the Knights of the Shield Cats! She is a cat rabbit (cabbit) and uses her sword to channel her magic in battle

Claire was the most popular one in the poll so here's my sketch of Claire

Do you like her so far?

Here we go, got the ability to change the page as well as change the color

Next time I'll put actual values on display :O

Bringing in the new year with Parker's battle theme, which is just about exactly where I want it to be

I wanted to create something happy and upbeat but still serious enough to be considered a boss theme, and I think I really got it here

[music wip] I'll work on it more later but I've pretty much got Parker's battle theme here

I tried to make it fun and lighthearted but still serious (as you'll be fighting them)

- the background I drew mirrored so I can just draw it flipped horizontally and save a whole chunk of 320x360px VRAM for more backgrounds, I can have double the fancy backgrounds on a single texture page this way
- I improved the animation when you change menu choices

Fun facts:
- each sub menu is its own object
- you can unpause from any menu (thanks roxy of the past for having the foresight to implement this, I had to do nothing extra to make it work)
- the game will keep the "options" choise highlighted when you go back to that menu

don't like to spend too long making rooms so I try to work on them every time I work on the game

here's today's room, it's cozy

unrelated but I made it so that if you keep Lance moving for a few seconds, he gains 0.3 speed. It's small, but it'll help when you're just moving through an area

if you stop you'll lose the small boost, but if you spin, you'll immediately gain the boost

Made a lot of improvements to Lance's health and magic display

Now, the magic displays at the top (and it has a little shine too) with the fish below

Also, if Lance has low health, the background of the whole thing flashes red :O

Alright here we go, Lance's health is represented by pink fish (the last one is white so you can tell out of the corner of your eye about how much health you have)

when I give him a ton of health, you can see the little wave I implemented that makes them all bounce

Here we go, I added a mini magic meter above Lance's head that shows what his magic percentage is when using magic, so you can keep track of his magic a lot easier because it's right on his sprite

was drawing random crap in the drawpile session and then I decided to just draw Claire for reals

She's a Rabbit-Cat hybrid (cabbit) and is in charge of the Shield Cats!

that's the idle animation that's about to get me game of the year 2030

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