Just as many of FLOSS users, I too suggest Free (as in freedom) programs to my friends. One of the largest projects (aside from ) is . Now, they are all used to MS Office and when I showed them LO, they didn't wanted to learn a new interface and ended up not switching. BUT I have recently found out about the option in LO to change the interface to more MSOffice-like and I think it will make it easier for new users to switch.

View > User Interface > Tabbed

@Shimon That's my must have for Libre office. Also I've seen some mockups and prototypes of potential next-ish release and they had tabs enabled by default if I'm not misleaded.

And #libadwaita + libreoffice looks stunning!


@jakubiszon Enabling by default would definitely be a smart next move. Anyone used to the "old" interface would be probbably capable of switching it back.

Oh, and yes is looking amazing👌

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