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ShionKeys for the promotion / change of computer civilization and the health of the keyboard, minimal ergonomics, cross-device implementation, the shortest practice time (one day to achieve the use of chat / office use), the highest efficiency, the least number of keys, up to Of the input characters, the most easy to popularize the design ,,,

On Twitter, I'm surrounded by adult accounts, too.

Looks like they moved here from Twitter.

The mastodon was invaded by adult content, more than half of my cross-site push came from " ".

So Even if one day, Your cat has learned human language and spoken to you, keyboard also won't disappear.

Many people think that brainwaves will replace keyboards, but they don't understand that keyboards are the only reliable way for humans to communicate with machines.

makes more sense than , Because the keyboard is the foundation of everything.

If ShionKeys is ignored in the evolution of AI, AI will become a joke / futility

Because of the lack of an illustrious background in the industry, my fundraising plan was a total failure. Even an ant tried to trample me to death, so I wanted to say: Before the electric light was made, Edison was not a kerosene lamp maker. Jobs / apple wasn't a phone maker before the iphone was made. To a foolish person / ant.

This picture represents my present situation.
Someone's even planning to snatch my shit ball.

Since when has Twitter banned users from modifying information?

Twitter almost banned me from any activity.

As long as I'm active, my account will be locked and let me unlock it.

Evil Twitter, damn Twitter.

I may appear for a long time unable to use the network / computer,

So I have to change a reliable mailbox.

I read the terms of github, which clearly allow users to promote.
So github erased me and violated his own terms.

After a week, Github gave me a ridiculous reply. It seems that it does not want users to promote their own projects, I think github should block out search engines and delete keyword indexing.

Any free software / open source software organization joins Shion Keys, Can get 10% of the shares. (get ShionKeys to find the investment to implement production, responsible for / maintain the ShionKeys code, which means that after the patent expires, ShionKeys belongs to the organization and must always be GPL-compliant.).

This content first appeared in the freebsd community, so freebsd has first priority. Because freebsd doesn't treat ShionKeys as spam.

It was a heavy decision.

The goal is to learn only one basic operation. To be able to swim between different software / operating systems.

It's been 48 hours. Github still hasn't answered me, It so ruthlessly erased me.

ShionKeys intends to unify basic operations.
This means that developers can avoid making unscientific shortcuts /UX.

So I say that ShionKeys is more than just a keyboard.

This is not the whole of ShionKeys

Github's behavior will make people think I'm a liar.

GitHub banned me from using it.😭

Does not display disabling account, is very evil behavior

innovation is not just what you see, It also has some remarkable innovations that have never been before.

My isp is implementing the IP whitelist, I started intermittently unable to access "".

I had to risk using agent software.

Actually, I never wanted to take part in any kind of competition.