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"filling" the disappearing picture.

Future-oriented Super-simple-ergonomic cross-device

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The ruler governs the country and society like a prison.. Most of the people were gradually domesticated into sheep and some into hounds.

For example: whether the contract will be tampered with.

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Is there a security issue with the ETH smart contract?

Who can tell me

I went to the bank today, but I failed to get the cash on the AMT machine. I also found that AMT also blocked the deposit function.

If the bank continues to do this for a while, I will face hunger.

A lot has happened from the past to today. Because the bad guys have force majeure attributes, it is not possible to disclose it now, but in the future.

Unscrupulous guys always force you to do something, and after things are revealed they will always say you are voluntary.

The most hateful is that when they force you to submit facial data, they also ask you to keep smiling.

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Existing laws are no longer applicable to modern bad guys, and mankind urgently needs a moral law.

People who cause difficulties More difficult Not a plague, But the villain who has greater rights

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I recommend buying an air purifier to fight the plague.

I am using an electrostatic dust-based purifier, which can adsorb very small particles.

I can do anything to fight the virus, but I can't do anything to fight the bad guys.

If the bad guys steal your vocabulary and apply it at scale, I think you have a responsibility to track it down

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Worried about your vocabulary being stolen, bad people use it often and it works.

When the bad guys control the government and write the law for themselves, the ridiculous good guy is still doing good

It will not be long before human beings will have no dignity. Of course, most people will develop habits and become natural.

Only a few people will resist like monkeys

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Since some monopolistic companies are unable to collect my face on a regular basis, I am prohibited from using their services.

After a while, they will use every means to force users to submit faces to them on a regular basis.

Obviously the bad guys have mastered the programmers.

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