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"filling" the disappearing picture.

Future-oriented Super-simple-ergonomic cross-device

Network boundary This is a very magical place, it is everywhere, the hound is accompanying

Everyone inevitably comes close to the network boundary and comes into contact with the hound

If you have been avoiding, I suggest you to fight back the hunter

Our personal information has become a hunting ground for some people. These hunters are mainly public opinion workers.

ShionKeys-project can break the monopoly of the giants, Create new opportunities.

Some cancers on social media
1. Low-level pornography
2. Low-level bot
3. A large number of sailors serving politicians + Public Opinion Manipulator / Media

Bad and stupid people try to misinterpret morality, so I made the above example

Unethical definition:
1. No credit
2. In the absence of any controversy, A caused some invisible harm to B...

After unethical people have committed unethical behavior, it is impossible to avoid disputes.

If B retaliates against A’s unethical behavior, it has nothing to do with morality.

When you realize that human beings are losing morality, the way to do good is to injure those who are unethical.

a person without morality,The created AI will lose morality even more.

The 21st century may be the lowest point of human morality

Some stupid and bad people said: It took China only a few decades to complete the journey that the Western countries have spent hundreds of years, thanks to the #996 #896 #997 #8107 ,,, work system.

It seems to make sense. Many people have been fooled into the letter, and think that 996 is worthwhile and so on.

The erotic content that these fools can watch in one day is far more than the sum of all their ancestors' lives. What is this due to?

Don't be fooled by idiots

So I suggest you not to use the dns provided by isp. To prevent further differentiation

The differentiated Internet has prevented the DNS from working properly. If I don't use local/isp dns, many content can't be accessed, and vice versa

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