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"filling" the disappearing picture.

Future-oriented Super-simple-ergonomic cross-device

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Microwave or acoustic attacks may have multiple purposes.
1. Radar detection of penetrating buildings

2. Attack the nervous system; cause undetectable brain damage to the attacked (unconsciously become less intelligent)

The second purpose seems to be similar to a non-directly lethal virus.

The absence of infectious coronavirus hosts is interesting, and the absence of any symptomatic hosts is still interesting.

What is more interesting is how these hosts become viral hosts, and how they are discovered.

In order to create problems for Tesla, the bad guys dumped small cars on almost the entire population, which brought disaster to the environment and climate.

This shows that the greatest infectious ability of the virus host is farting

Relying on farts is not enough to send the world into

So the virus needs a much larger gas than a fart to infect the world

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Inhalation of a small amount of virus can cause temporary discomfort. Inhaling large amounts of virus-contaminated air should be avoided.

When you smell air with other odors, you should wear protective equipment/mask immediately to avoid breathing large amounts of virus-laden air.
If you have the option, you should move your location to an area where the air has not been contaminated.

In short, do not inhale a lot of odorous air, including the smell of perfume

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Based on the information and experience gained, coronavirus has the greatest ability to be transmitted by smell or odor.
Droplets... Direct contact with the virus, such as droplets, is not enough for it to travel across several continents and oceans.
And the virus is intelligent (funny)

The payment app is just one example, isp also plundered the Internet's cloud services by inferiorizing the network of mainstream cloud providers

etc ....

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ISPs are not only plundering the Internet, they are trying to plunder everything they see as profit
Because they are not gaining market and users through normal competition, they are plundering.

For example, local banks and isp have launched their own payment apps, and they have inferiorized the network of mainstream payment apps.

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Today's ISPs have also learned from the evil Internet companies that degrade user experience and service (or call it downgrading)

Today, if you need to wait for a traffic light, you have to accept the auditory injection bug

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The bad guys are currently injecting a buggy consciousness into the human brain through sight and sound

In order to drive up the price of housing, the bad guys have combined to reduce the quality of living in rental housing in many ways. For example, by degrading the sewerage pipes of rental houses, the living conditions are filled with bad odors.

According to my observations the -shrews that appear nearby are trained before they appear (e.g. specific feeding practices)

If the virus detection method/equipment is cheap enough (everyone can buy it and detect it at any time), if the virus is "intelligent" it will disappear automatically, if it is not intelligent people will find the root cause of it.

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I don't think a vaccine will completely solve the current coronavirus problem

About a year ago, the location of some of my browser bookmarks changed, and I've been worried since then that the browser makers have started stealing bookmarks for data mining.

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There is no program that can prevent spy technology companies from stealing browser bookmarks

What politicians are doing on the internet is like the purpose of ancient warfare (plunder/control of tribes)

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