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"filling" the disappearing picture.

Future-oriented Super-simple-ergonomic cross-device

Cloudflare connects to the ipfs network and enables the tls1.3 gateway.


Many people on the coast don’t know where they are in the typhoon.

If I am in the coastal area, I will sleep on the pillars with a rope tonight.

typhoon is very punctual (forecast), I am back, not blown away.

Do you say that typhoons usually like to arrive early or like to be late?

I am going to the place where the typhoon passes today. It will pass there tomorrow. I am afraid that it will arrive early and blow me away.

In fact, many financing platforms have rejected my project.

fundedbyme financing platform rejected my project-ShionKeys, the reason for refusal is: they do not advertise.😢

news said that the author of has died, and if he can meet ShionKeys, he may not want to leave.

The UI change of -69 reflects that google has lost its aesthetic ability.

If google can't find a good project, I can recommend one. :blobcat:

I installed a pair of surveillance cameras every 500 or so here.

These cameras are controlled by isp cloud

I am very confused why the mastodon cannot correctly distinguish the language.

So imagine that future will not allow humans to surpass them.

Machines don't allow humans to catch up with them

Damn stupid machine, I am really different from you.😂

I was really rejected. I used the account registered with "" and can't log in now.

I remember that at that time I was attending a product design competition that was good for humanity.

ShionKeys is good for humans, it can popularize ergonomic keyboards for everyone.

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