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ShionKeys for the promotion / change of computer civilization and the health of the keyboard, minimal ergonomics, cross-device implementation, the shortest practice time (one day to achieve the use of chat / office use), the highest efficiency, the least number of keys, up to Of the input characters, the most easy to popularize the design ,,,

I think Google was penetrated by villains.

Fraud is growing wild in China

The result of going to the bank was that the bank wanted to defraud my information in the name of anti-money laundering.

Such as shareholder information, company charter

I cannot cancel the company because the government does not support the cancellation of the company (high threshold for cancellation).

Unable to log out will make me face the nightmare of "Chinese social credit system". This will make me fall into a worse situation

I am ready to go and see, I must try to secretly photograph the evidence

bank specifically asked not to take pictures.

Obviously rogue behavior

Last year, the Bank of China forced me to submit a WeChat social account, saying that it was the request of the highest bank (People's Bank of China).
Today, I received a notice to compel me to sign an enterprise account's intent/authorization, which is also said to be the request of the highest bank (People's Bank of China).

I am now very worried about being forced to sell myself😭

In the past, people faced , ... did not want to change,
Now people face ShionKeys, many people are afraid of the changes brought by

Fool: Steve Jobs let the phone keyboard disappear, we should learn Jobs to let the computer keyboard disappear (In the absence of alternative technology).

Buy our computer it has no keyboard

: Why does the computer keyboard disappear?

Fool: Should go to ask Jobs

: I revive me first, and then I teach these fools how to make the computer keyboard disappear

I feel like living on the edge of a black hole. Eating and sleeping are the biggest advances in memory. Other things do not feel any progress.

My rocket needs a sum of money as fuel. Take me out of the black hole

The damn actually sold himself.

My original plan was to design a better than github to destroy github. Now it is not necessary.

It seems that 's idea of destroying github is stronger than me😂

can reduce the number of times you look down at the while typing.

If you are a practitioner ,

Definitely super disgusted occasionally need to look down at the keyboard

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Wikipedia administrators are clearly indistinguishable, the difference between encyclopedias and textbooks.

A new criminal can enter the Wikipedia entry.

However, ShionKeys cannot enter wikipedia entries.

Human administrator is a mistake for Wikipedia

Now Rogue/Loansharking has begun using robots to make calls to potential customers.

I just received a call like this.The sound is very close to humans.

The scheduled lines exposed them