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"filling" the disappearing picture.

Future-oriented Super-simple-ergonomic cross-device

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After the virus enters the body for the first time, it is usually suppressed into an inactive state by the immune system. Until external conditions activate it. Frequent activation can cause the infected person to develop into a transmitter or die.

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It is difficult for an infected person to detect a transmitter without foreknowledge. Depending on the quality of the body, a normal person may experience a small amount of discomfort during the infection process (which is usually ignored by the infected person or mistaken for their own physical problems).

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According to the experience of the cold can activate the coronavirus in the body of the infected person, creating more syndromes.

Inhalation of the odor emitted by the coronavirus host can also activate the virus in the infected person.

The medical community does not seem to find that coronaviruses can be activated externally.

Today's it and Internet companies are moving into spy technology development in a competitive mode. The sad thing is that the ultimate spy technology is the goal of these people. It's obvious that the bad guys are behind these companies moving towards spy technology and eventually the bad guys will get all the spy technology in their pocket and ban it.

Local bad guys are using people's identities and acting in other countries. Because the bad guys spy technology has everything on us and can easily pass the stupid verification of third countries.

The gas exhaled by the coronavirus host is harmless when diluted or oxidized by air, which is the same characteristic as all other gases.

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The previous treatment of coronavirus as smoke was a bit underestimated, and now it seems that coronavirus should be considered more in line with gas.

Based on experience: coronaviruses that enter the torso later can induce viruses that enter the torso first.

Every time the bad guys' spy technology traces the results tell us: coronaviruses appear out of thin air.

No source, only infected people taken for quarantine.

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However, the spy-tracking technology has been extended to the world for epidemic prevention.

In fact spy-tracking technology is completely ineffective for epidemic prevention, it can only be used to track people. The spy-technology of bad people never provides the source of infection.

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Based on the knowledge/familiarity with the poisonous human (coronavirus), having the host speak less is the right way to prevent the epidemic. The host exchanges a lot of air with the outside world when they speak, and the toxic contamination is huge. Normal breathing is only about one tenth of the pollution from talking.

It is interesting that none of the precautions recommended by medical and scientific experts around the world urge and advise people to speak less when in contact with others

No serious symptoms in the body if the virus is not inhaled directly in large amounts. It can even beat the virus.

The current body is fighting the virus.

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As a rule of thumb, the body will respond within a few minutes. The maximum time is not more than 12 hours.

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If you are physically healthy and have not been vaccinated. As soon as you encounter a toxic person your torso will react immediately.

For example, tonsil discomfort, eye discomfort, headaches and cold reactions

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This is the result of exposure to toxic people.
The world is full of toxic people, and the bad guys cover them up with vaccines

This is the result of contact with toxic people.
The world is full of toxic people, but vaccinators cover them up

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I'm pretty sure the coronavirus resembles smoke.

Therefore, n95 masks cannot completely block coronaviruses.

Smoke-like viruses can penetrate the body through the eyes, and ear canals

Local precautions: obtaining the facial features of civilians is more important than body temperature.

Mask must be removed to submit facial features

The bad guys don't care that you'll inhale the virus if you take off your mask; they only care about your facial features.

If nature can create coronaviruses in a short period of time (a few years), then any species will die before breathing

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I think: If the coronavirus was obtained from natural evolution, it must have taken a long, long time to evolve to its current stage. At least tens of thousands of years.

If it originated from nature, the history of mankind should have been in contact very early.

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