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"filling" the disappearing picture.

Future-oriented Super-simple-ergonomic cross-device

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You may not be able to get the government to make changes, but you can buy an air purifier. to reduce the amount of particulate matter in the air.

If you don't buy an air purifier, your respiratory system will be harmed.

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Perhaps the best solution to coronavirus is to address environmental and air pollution.

Or the reduction of airborne particulate matter.

A variant of the coronavirus named P1 is rumored to be out of control in Brazil.
Perhaps Brazil fell into the trap of herd immunity, leading to the P1 virus pandemic.

duckduckgo Chinese search, the accuracy is very low, low like being artificially removed some of the content.

In the past, the accuracy was not so bad.

There is a bird nearby that has been calling for several hours from late at night, and it is estimated that it will keep calling until dawn

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According to observations, some birds not only learned to keep bugs, but also learned to stay up late.

The spy facilities/techniques of bad guys can easily turn ordinary people into its tools.

Ordinary people here include your relatives and friends.

The bad guys create fake news and then crack down on fake news to cover the truth and inject false consciousness (bug) into people by the way

However, the wise coronavirus (comical) has quietly spread across several continents.

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If the coronavirus depends on leakage or natural infection.

There should be collective symptoms at the beginning (the leak area). Then the symptoms gradually spread to the surrounding area, which should be visible.

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I don’t think the coronavirus can spread across several continents and oceans by natural infection.

The most obvious purpose of making the world infected by the virus is to confuse the source...

It is not accidental leak. However, many people kindly think this is just an accidental leak

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For example, after inhaling the smell of animal carcasses, saliva becomes bitter.

And the smell of pesticides and fermented feces

Except for pesticides, inhaling these odors in the past few decades has not found any change in taste

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After inhaling a certain smell, it can change your sense of taste, does this smell mean toxic?

Hope that professionals will answer.

I suspect it is related to the virus.

Google's products and tracking technology provide good guidelines for bad guys.

E.g. Android

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In the past, bans reduced firecrackers year by year, but this time there was no

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Due to the plague/virus, the local people once again hope that the firecrackers will perform his duties

The bad guy proudly says that we have facial data for almost everyone in China...

If there is choice and the right to know, few people are willing to submit this data.

So the way to obtain these data is not much different from theft and robbery

Bad guys have no place in the anonymity of the Internet.

The bad guys aim to overlay their status/identity in reality to the Internet

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