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"filling" the disappearing picture.

Future-oriented Super-simple-ergonomic cross-device

It’s a bit of a hassle, and since my cat started using this granary it is gradually returning to the wild (no longer likes me to touch it).

Now I have too many cats.

FPGA companies seem to have developed two paths, Intel is applying FPGA technology to the CPU, and xilinx is now introducing a computer accelerator.

No matter how they play, it seems to me that FPGA will replace CPU.

Please encrypt your website and dns as soon as possible before the Internet is completely torn to avoid the Internet being physically torn.

Otherwise they will be like tearing the pizza

SMS from China Mobile Communications: Dear users, in order to monitor you, we will give you free baidu directed traffic to you, please log in to the online business office to receive

I just used once on my computer. The text message came right away.

Of course, the original text message is not such content, but this is their purpose.

took control of my account, prompted me to contact them by phone after logging in.
fuck godaddy.

I haven't logged in for too long, they may think that I forgot my property (domain name)

I can't contact them because my phone is being monitored

The picture is the status after I log in, suggesting that I can only contact them by phone.

Evil people and sim cards should be sent to hell

Does the sim card have the function of self-destruction? If so, then my sim is self-destructed. Today my mobile phone can't identify sim at all. I have to go through the card replacement procedure and must submit my face to the telecom company.

Lisp-programmer: @all-programmer Try lisp before you die.


Fsf is looking for a talented project manager.
Is ready to retire? If not, I think fsf only needs one product manager.
Because the former is too difficult to find

Evil human ruined , Also let google become evil

I am very happy to see that will become the next generation http/3 protocol.

Browser manufacturers finally extend the browser to the editor.

, expanded a "Writable Files API" project.

Development route:
> emacs
> Browser

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