Once I went to an company. They told me maybe the will disappear in the future.

Then I asked them what could replace the keyboard in the ? They answered me without hesitation: the virtual keyboard 😭

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@ShionKeys you are missing, something, what about controlling the PC with your thought, in the end you control your fingers with your brain and then the keyboard with your fingers, it would be faster to control the PC directly with your brain. I think this is the method that could kill keyboards, not to talk about the possibility for people that can't use a keyboard.

@ShionKeys maybe it is not possible now but the future can be awesome! look if you were a cave man you probably were saying: "a keyboard? impossible!! the only way to communicate with the nature is a club" but here we are... and our mouth haven't degenerated because we can chat using a keyboard.

@ShionKeys well that is the rule, if you don't longer need it who cares! I don't fear evolution πŸ˜ƒ
it is like monkeys wondering "if you walk to much using 2 legs you will not be able to run with 4 legs, or if you stop climbing trees you will lose your tail"

@ShionKeys "The biological mechanism cannot realize the complex communication of brain waves to the outside world" maybe this is now true but can become false in the future. Anyway I think in the future hardware keyboards will disappear when at some point humans and computers became one... well... OK I admit it, maybe extinction came first, but the point is that hardware keyboards will disappear one way or another πŸ˜‚

@ShionKeys look even if your are better than a keyboard, we live in a world based on stupid rules, is better than qwerty but we keep using qwerty, anyway hardware keyboards will disappear (at least as we know it now) because they are impractical to use and carry in a future that seems to be the fusion of and computers.

@ShionKeys when I say "keyboard will disappear" I mean what we now know as a keyboard, there will be "something" that will do the same in a more efficient way, the true is that current keyboard are impractical, and may affect health, I feel a fool as you say because I use the keyboard most the time and almost never touch a mouse, also don't like touch screens, but the true is that keyboards as we know it now are far to be the definitive technology for interacting with a computer

@ShionKeys hahaha dude you really love keyboards, you even prefer to have cold blood before stopping using a keyboard. hahaha... πŸ˜‚ I like your aptitude πŸ‘

@ShionKeys I don't understand why you keep asking me to name the technology that will replace the keyboard, I just don't know, what I know is that going walking the streets with a keyboard under your arm is unpractical so there is a need for some technology that make it possible to complete the same tasks you do with a keyboard (and more) but while you walk and have your hands free to do other things. please lets stop the keyboard talk, I can't see the future, and I don't want you hate me πŸ˜‚

@ShionKeys ok you are crossing the line, have your a key "stupid" or something like that??? even if I wanted I can't use your keyboard, I even don't have my own computer or smart phone so go to make marketing with someone who can afford it πŸ˜›

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