"filling" the disappearing picture.

Future-oriented Super-simple-ergonomic cross-device

@ShionKeys sounds nice, yould be happy to test it.
context: i am a french writer who struggles to find the perfect keyboard to write also code (mainly JS) without having to make a lot of key combinations to get special characters. azerty is far from being perfect on this.

@ShionKeys nice, i bet you would gain some strength in front of investors if you had a personal website, like presenting numbers and pictures to make people dream about this concept :)

@ShionKeys ipfs ? don,t know that. as far as i know you can build a website with a custom domain name for less than 20$/year

oh, BTw, a few years ago i went to an highschool of graphism in shanghai and met a guy who designed a keyboard where you can change physically the touches by sliding a card inside it, was it a project of yours ?

@ShionKeys in this case, maybe the project could find more investors in an other country if you make it move ;) i know a bunch of people who traveled the world only because in their land they could not find a suitable future for their competences, which were respected only in a few other countries. best investment they did were to move on

@ShionKeys thanks for the proposal, but i already have my own company in france to manage ;)

@ShionKeys become bigger than logitech would be a great success step though

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