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@ShionKeys What's your reasoning to the skew nonstandard ortholinear design? What switches? Is it programmable? What firmware are you using?

You need to work on your marketing. Right now there's not a single thing that would make an average user interested of this product. No offence. :) I'm a huge keyboard enthusiast myself and I love keyboards in every shape and form.

@ShionKeys I'm not sure I follow you now. I was trying to be nice. I've been into this hobby for a long time, I have built my own keyboards and I have a good idea what generally works and not for the community.

Since you keyboard is very nonstandard and would require a lot of unnecessary work and cost, I was genuinely curious to your your reasoning behind it.

I'm not saying your keyboard is bad in anyway, just that I have some ideas and tips that you might like.

@ShionKeys I think you're approaching it the wrong way. But I wish you all the best with your keyboard and I hope you succeed!