ergonomic keyboard has been stuck for decades : Complex shape / V problem, This leads to a narrow range of ergonomic keyboards that cannot be widely used. ShionKeys's simple ergonomics got rid of these problems, The scope of application of ShionKeys is not only broad, It also has the highest efficiency in history. Because not only does it have the shortest finger movement distance, but it doesn't require you to locate convex spots frequently.

@ShionKeys I'm not interested on investing. I like the keyboard and I think it can be a great one but I want to see anything else than a 3D render.
What kind of switches will it have...and all that.

I think if you put all of that together you can easily make a successful crowdfunding campaign in CrowdSupply.

@ShionKeys That probably make you to stay like you are forever. You disclosed enough info for anyone to copy it.

I can copy it right now, tbh. And I can make it 100%.

@ShionKeys Imagine tomorrow I make a keyboard with ShionKeys design and I make the internals.

You lose everything.

Get my point?

You want to earn a lot of money but you can't make it happen?
If you want to do that, go talk with a company sign a NDA and make it work. If you don't do that you are lost and anyone can "steal" your idea.

Or you can go the opensource way, make a CrowdSupply campaign well and earn money.

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