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Shion ♈

Github's behavior will make people think I'm a liar.

GitHub banned me from using it.😭

Does not display disabling account, is very evil behavior

My isp is implementing the IP whitelist, I started intermittently unable to access "".

I had to risk using agent software.

I declare that ShionKeys's crowdfunding failed,

When ShionKeys becomes mainstream, the will definitely be a good story.

Because indiegogo is facing the world, ShionKeys didn't raise a penny.

officially put it on hold until I found some money

If you take a closer look at ShionKeys's enter key, you should know that ShionKeys has increased efficiency by >50%

Other analogy

Evil Twitter froze me countless times, Now I'm completely banned.

The worst part of it is that the screenshots don't show the banned accounts.😭

& numeric keys / .

With the development of computer, there is less and less on the desk. If you now have a calculator at your desk, In the future, this calculator will disappear because of
... ...
Don't worry about its monitor.


opened the door to the ergonomic keyboard, Since then, there has been no greater innovation on the keyboard than Malt, Until ShionKeys appears.

vs OrbiTouch

If no one tells you, you can't imagine OrbiTouch unexpectedly is a

vs in the past.

This stupid ergonomic keyboard led Apple to give up on further development ergonomic keyboard. . .

Apple, which lost Jobs , is committed to: Put a lot of effort into solving a stupid thing.

ergonomic keyboard has been stuck for decades : Complex shape / V problem, This leads to a narrow range of ergonomic keyboards that cannot be widely used. ShionKeys's simple ergonomics got rid of these problems, The scope of application of ShionKeys is not only broad, It also has the highest efficiency in history. Because not only does it have the shortest finger movement distance, but it doesn't require you to locate convex spots frequently.

Using Ctrl + * key combinations on ShionKeys improves efficiency by at least 30%. Because you don't have to move your entire hand to press Ctrl.

( Human engineering doesn't just make your muscles more comfortable.)

Working on a traditional keyboard, you're sure to look for convex spots frequently. For a minute, you have to spend at least 1 seconds looking for convex spots,
ShionKeys will save you 1 second (it means improving your productivity), because it is based on human engineering and does not need to locate convex points.

Human engineering doesn't just make your muscles more comfortable.

This picture will show you why ShionKeys only needs one day of practice, Can be used to chat / work.

If AI is treated as a species, the language / code for AI programming can be viewed as a string of DNA, so the AI created by past keyboards is a single cell body,

The AI that people will create with ShionKeys in the future will be multicellular.
Because ShionKeys can give this DNA more information.