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Shion ♈

According to my observation, underwater data center, the shell heat transfer is slow, so the inside is easy to overheat. Unless it is lightly loaded

Wikipedia administrators are clearly indistinguishable, the difference between encyclopedias and textbooks.

Oh evil twitter finally allowed me to modify email.

After the previous modification, the unmodified email address is still displayed. So again to modify the display email has been adopted.

This change is successful.

Does anyone know how judges abuse?

I just searched "authentication" twice. That's it.

This message has just been sent, and then I cannot access reddit.

Blocked by reddit for 1 minute

Idiot do evil things to suppress ShionKeys, Preventing potential investors from seeing my email.

Looks like they moved here from Twitter.

Because of the lack of an illustrious background in the industry, my fundraising plan was a total failure. Even an ant tried to trample me to death, so I wanted to say: Before the electric light was made, Edison was not a kerosene lamp maker. Jobs / apple wasn't a phone maker before the iphone was made. To a foolish person / ant.

This picture represents my present situation.
Someone's even planning to snatch my shit ball.

Since when has Twitter banned users from modifying information?

Twitter almost banned me from any activity.

As long as I'm active, my account will be locked and let me unlock it.

Evil Twitter, damn Twitter.

I may appear for a long time unable to use the network / computer,

So I have to change a reliable mailbox.

After a week, Github gave me a ridiculous reply. It seems that it does not want users to promote their own projects, I think github should block out search engines and delete keyword indexing.

Github's behavior will make people think I'm a liar.

GitHub banned me from using it.😭

Does not display disabling account, is very evil behavior

My isp is implementing the IP whitelist, I started intermittently unable to access "".

I had to risk using agent software.

I declare that ShionKeys's crowdfunding failed,

When ShionKeys becomes mainstream, the will definitely be a good story.

Because indiegogo is facing the world, ShionKeys didn't raise a penny.

officially put it on hold until I found some money

If you take a closer look at ShionKeys's enter key, you should know that ShionKeys has increased efficiency by >50%

Other analogy

Evil Twitter froze me countless times, Now I'm completely banned.

The worst part of it is that the screenshots don't show the banned accounts.😭

& numeric keys / .

With the development of computer, there is less and less on the desk. If you now have a calculator at your desk, In the future, this calculator will disappear because of
... ...
Don't worry about its monitor.


opened the door to the ergonomic keyboard, Since then, there has been no greater innovation on the keyboard than Malt, Until ShionKeys appears.