Screenshot of different instances at the same time

Many people on the coast don’t know where they are in the typhoon.

fundedbyme financing platform rejected my project-ShionKeys, the reason for refusal is: they do not advertise.😢

The UI change of -69 reflects that google has lost its aesthetic ability.

Damn stupid machine, I am really different from you.😂

I tried to communicate with this person, but every time he replied to my email, it turned some of the original content into an invalid http link. I am confused as to why he needs to do this. Until Microsoft Mail requested a phone number on the grounds of spam. I understand.

This Microsoft (Outlook) mailbox is rarely used. I only exchanged mail with this person today.

The AV cover is used to cover web search results. Interestingly, it doesn't necessarily appear (apparently for people/regions)

Someone changed the video cover of bing ShionKeys search, the cover looks like an AV movie.

Some search engines have directed ShionKeys' search results to this Shoneys restaurant company.

No such situation in the past

Interestingly, bing search ShionKeys now wants to turn on "cookies", in the past it was not necessary to open "cookies"

There is a fool who says that the two are very similar.😂

"" can't be accessed, the fool is playing big now.

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