@superruserr After a cursory look, LibrePlanet confused me and could not understand its role.😀

Fsf is looking for a talented project manager.
Is ready to retire? If not, I think fsf only needs one product manager.
Because the former is too difficult to find

Evil human ruined , Also let google become evil

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I am very happy to see that will become the next generation http/3 protocol.

Browser manufacturers finally extend the browser to the editor.

, expanded a "Writable Files API" project.

Development route:
> emacs
> Browser

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This system is called machine / AI, plus manual intervention.

Bank staff can view the balance of the deposit card without permission.

The developers of this system are definitely a collection of bad guys and stupid goods.

@bob The computer industry originated in Western countries. I know very little about his history. If I am wrong, please correct me.

I always thought that rms created a license and license method other than patents.
People have evolved various licensing methods through gpl

@bob If there is no rms, I think all the software is using patents at this time.

@bob For software development, patents are indeed a problem. People are moving in the direction of "rms", rms efforts to make many of the current software do not take the patent route

I believe that all future software companies will take gpl or similar licensing routes.

@bob Compared to copyright, patent protection time is very short.

Which programmer developed the system and process for them, I want to give him countless fists

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