Cloudflare connects to the ipfs network and enables the tls1.3 gateway.


Many people on the coast don’t know where they are in the typhoon.

If I am in the coastal area, I will sleep on the pillars with a rope tonight.

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Elon Musk can't possibly not know this answer

@krzyzanowskim Oh, this is the most complicated card I have ever seen (internal).

typhoon is very punctual (forecast), I am back, not blown away.

@bryan Finding bookmarks is also easier than other browsers

Do you say that typhoons usually like to arrive early or like to be late?

I am going to the place where the typhoon passes today. It will pass there tomorrow. I am afraid that it will arrive early and blow me away.

Can buy a cheap super large capacity battery Android machine.

Extra long battery life is enough to "hang" everything.

I am using the 6500mah Android machine.👽

In fact, many financing platforms have rejected my project.

fundedbyme financing platform rejected my project-ShionKeys, the reason for refusal is: they do not advertise.😢

@lynnesbian The TVs that Americans shoot are very close to reality, I like it.

The TV series has a plot: the bank lends money to those who need it, and then these people become poorer and poorer.
Because the assets that can be mortgaged are mortgaged to the bank, and then the loan cannot be paid off. The collateral has become a bank.

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