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Shion ♈

According to my observation, underwater data center, the shell heat transfer is slow, so the inside is easy to overheat. Unless it is lightly loaded

Google has lifted the "mit ,blender " shield

Damn google-youtube also blocked video course.

Friendly nazy a little confused of all these genders. Show more

@mhutch Rest assured that I am definitely not a small match to deceive the girl, I need you to help me let Microsoft see my project and tell Microsoft that I need investors.

Hey, beautiful girl, I need your help.😀

I think Google was penetrated by villains.

Fraud is growing wild in China

The result of going to the bank was that the bank wanted to defraud my information in the name of anti-money laundering.

Such as shareholder information, company charter

I cannot cancel the company because the government does not support the cancellation of the company (high threshold for cancellation).

Unable to log out will make me face the nightmare of "Chinese social credit system". This will make me fall into a worse situation

I am ready to go and see, I must try to secretly photograph the evidence

bank specifically asked not to take pictures.

Obviously rogue behavior

Last year, the Bank of China forced me to submit a WeChat social account, saying that it was the request of the highest bank (People's Bank of China).
Today, I received a notice to compel me to sign an enterprise account's intent/authorization, which is also said to be the request of the highest bank (People's Bank of China).

I am now very worried about being forced to sell myself😭

superannuation goals, $ Show more

superannuation goals, $ Show more

@mastoabed Hey, big boy, I've unlocked your shield, please don't leak the features of ShionKeys. The time is not yet ripe to open too much information will bring bad results

Even if you have seen all my thoughts, please keep secrets