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This system is called machine / AI, plus manual intervention.

Bank staff can view the balance of the deposit card without permission.

The developers of this system are definitely a collection of bad guys and stupid goods.

Which programmer developed the system and process for them, I want to give him countless fists

I went to the Bank of China (Boc) today and found that my bank card has become a second-class card (sub-card). One type of card (mother card) is not in my own hands.

Banks also use the threshold of processing business to force users to surrender information such as work income, and refuse to process business if you do not hand over the information.

I used to send a message to rms stupidly saying that emacs can't directly enter the module. Until today, I realized that emacs can actually.😂

emacs -f ***

I have been unable to use the internet for 2 consecutive days. Now it's not just a dns issue. Except for the first request return, all other requests are not returned.

This means that in most cases, I can only use one minute for an international site.

I am hesitating to use this non-profit project to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for ShionKeys.

The granary has been in use for a long time. I am now trapped by life and have no motivation to make public documents.

It is said that the submarine cable is broken. Do you think the submarine cable will be so easy to break?

Although I have not seen submarine cables, I believe that its strength far exceeds the UHV cable of the sky, Suspension cable for suspension bridges.

My isp keeps blocking my connection to freenode once, how can I solve it? I can't use proxy

In China, privacy thieves don’t have any worries, they can boldly steal anything from you.

Just received a text message: By impersonating someone I have contacted before, I want to install a rogue app on my phone.

The other party is the information obtained through the real name system of the mobile phone number.

Before this, rogues have sent numerous MMS messages (media messages) that automatically download rogue apps.

With this system, rogues can fake others to scam against other people’s friends and relatives.

Through China’s real-name system, rogues intercept/monitor/interfere with everything.

The best way to get into is to operate independently in China from 0, without using any technology from the past.

About half an hour yesterday, the same (just now) half an hour appeared today.

I think this is why your message is like throwing into the sea.

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