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This picture will show you why ShionKeys only needs one day of practice, Can be used to chat / work.

If AI is treated as a species, the language / code for AI programming can be viewed as a string of DNA, so the AI created by past keyboards is a single cell body,

The AI that people will create with ShionKeys in the future will be multicellular.
Because ShionKeys can give this DNA more information.

If you are an amateur computer user, for many years the computer can not be skilled typing / error rate is high.
ShionKeys will enable you to type quickly and reduce your error rate in a short time because it is based on simple ergonomics and requires little practice (just a day's practice time). .

Under the mainstream keyboard, will you worry about pressing the wrong button? ShionKeys will allay your fears because it is based on human engineering (ergonomics is more than just making your muscles more comfortable,,,)

Past ergonomic keyboard, has been due to the complexity of the shape, not universal, was rejected by the mainstream.
ShionKeys will break this.

ShionKeys: I want to change the world .
Landlord: you can not do illegal things in my house ,,,
... ...

Human fragile body, gradually with the brain does not match

ShionKeys: I want to change the world .
A flock of stupid: hahaha ,,, I will not let you succeed.

ShionKeys: I want to change the world .
People: you are lying to me.
... ...

ShionKeys: I want to change the world
World: This is crazy.

ShionKeys: I want to change the world.
World: You will be alone.

ShionKeys is not a pure concept, I will 100% in accordance with my public information / pictures, to achieve / produce it.

in order to promote / change the keyboard of computer civilization.

The project is quietlycrowdfunding on indiegogo

I believe Shionkeys will bring a domino change to the human race,Someone will take it to create better thing and bring changes to the world over and over again

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