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I used twitter, and soon twitter updated its policies to the detriment of me .
I use reddit. soon after my reputation was turned negative (one day I was banned from using it for a few hours).
I use Indiegogo. soon after, Indiegogo updated its policy to the detriment of me.
... ...

I have released the first version of ShionKeys, when I find the investment, I will release the second version of ShionKeys. I think the second version of ShionKeys will let people get rid of the mouse. ShionKeys is not just a keyboard, nor is not just a keyboard + mouse. . .

& numeric keys / .

With the development of computer, there is less and less on the desk. If you now have a calculator at your desk, In the future, this calculator will disappear because of
... ...
Don't worry about its monitor.


opened the door to the ergonomic keyboard, Since then, there has been no greater innovation on the keyboard than Malt, Until ShionKeys appears.

I feel like I have embarked on the old road of RMS, a person's fight .

ShionKeys: I want to change the world.
World: You'll be alone. No assistance.

I'm deleting my Twitter feed .
Because the previous content was imprisoned in one place by Twitter's Retarded AI

vs in the past.

This stupid ergonomic keyboard led Apple to give up on further development ergonomic keyboard. . .

Apple, which lost Jobs , is committed to: Put a lot of effort into solving a stupid thing.

ergonomic keyboard has been stuck for decades : Complex shape / V problem, This leads to a narrow range of ergonomic keyboards that cannot be widely used. ShionKeys's simple ergonomics got rid of these problems, The scope of application of ShionKeys is not only broad, It also has the highest efficiency in history. Because not only does it have the shortest finger movement distance, but it doesn't require you to locate convex spots frequently.

Using Ctrl + * key combinations on ShionKeys improves efficiency by at least 30%. Because you don't have to move your entire hand to press Ctrl.

( Human engineering doesn't just make your muscles more comfortable.)

A bunch of idiots trying to suppress ShionKeys made me understand something, thank them, and gave me a chance to grow up in adversity.

I've been summoned by the devil (usury) for a long, long time,

If I can't find angel money, I'll probably go to the devil for loan sharks to develop ShionKeys.

In this way, the ShionKeys may be controlled by the capitalists, unable to develop as I intended, and I think the capitalists will not let ShionKeys take the GPL free software route.

In order to let more people see it,I release ShionKeys in some developer communities and a lot of stupid programmers treat this keyboard, which can affect their future, as spam. . .

If it wasn't for suppressing ShionKeys, then these people are obviously telling me that programmers don't need keyboards.. I laugh...

Working on a traditional keyboard, you're sure to look for convex spots frequently. For a minute, you have to spend at least 1 seconds looking for convex spots,
ShionKeys will save you 1 second (it means improving your productivity), because it is based on human engineering and does not need to locate convex points.

Human engineering doesn't just make your muscles more comfortable.

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