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innovation is not just what you see, It also has some remarkable innovations that have never been before.

My isp is implementing the IP whitelist, I started intermittently unable to access "".

I had to risk using agent software.

Actually, I never wanted to take part in any kind of competition.

I signed up for the "IF product design award".
Now I'm a little worried about being turned down.

Your portrait was so humorous that I couldn't help laughing

I declare that ShionKeys's crowdfunding failed,

When ShionKeys becomes mainstream, the will definitely be a good story.

Because indiegogo is facing the world, ShionKeys didn't raise a penny.

officially put it on hold until I found some money

Why > 50% ?
Because for many people, finger movement > = the distance between two keys, you need to re-locate the convex spot when you return

If you take a closer look at ShionKeys's enter key, you should know that ShionKeys has increased efficiency by >50%

Other analogy

Evil Twitter froze me countless times, Now I'm completely banned.

The worst part of it is that the screenshots don't show the banned accounts.😭

Simple understand "keyboard/computer" people, Always think i am liar.

If you think the ShionKeys project is just a keyboard, it's because you haven't seen more information.

Like 99.99% people think I'm a liar.

I sent nearly a thousand emails without any formal response...

I'm starting to think there's something wrong with the world...

If you don't understand the meaning of this, you should understand the meaning of the three-state quantum computer to the traditional two-state computer.

Future quantum computers will definitely need more input characters to represent their three-state programs.
If the quantum computer continues to use the input characters of the traditional keyboard, it is obviously a wrong path.

Why ShionKeys can simplify software development and improve efficiency because it provides more input characters to reduce "Convert".

Oh, something very magical happened,
A fishing email disappeared from my mailbox and I didn't delete it

For software developers, ShionKeys has more input characters, which means more shortcuts, which not only improve the efficiency of your software, but also reduce the amount of your UI.

ShionKeys aims to promote / change computer civilization
If you're going to design a new programming language, you'll definitely have more room to imagine when you see ShionKeys.

The keyboard of the past has led many programming language designers to the wrong path, so few programming languages are long-lasting.

So in the Turing era, mathematical language was already the upper language of computer programs.

The computer programming language really started in 0/1, but people ignored what was in front of 0/1, and I think math is the upper language of computer programs. Because the person who entered 0/1 into the computer at the time was the role of the compiler.

Is ShionKeys going to be the fate of a flush toilet?
(it took decades for humans to realize U tube meaning? )

I wonder if anyone has solved the congestion problem.

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