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Hi everyone, I'm still sick and it seem I have more difficult than I though to recover.
At least, I wish to all a good week-end ! :)

Hi everyone ! Today I feel a bit better :) I think I'll take this week to take full rest and THEN, I'm going to continue to draw hehe :p
At least, you can find my work here:
My website is not ready yet but you can check on it :)
And Also, a big thank to @isserterrus who's helping me a lot ! <3

I'm so sick actually :c I think I'm going to take some rest before continue my drawings.

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recommendation for interacting with artists and art 

if you see someone's done an art and you think, "wow... that's cool as fuck..." then i recommend leaving a comment like "wow that's cool as fuck" and that way they'll know that someone else thinks it's cool as fuck

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