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Havent been able to fit many videos on here but I made explosions and gibs!
I made it so that gibs give a bit more feedback and will fly away from the source of the damage


Moving right along this morning to triggering waves of enemies in certain rooms. My hope is to eventually have other ways to spawn guys in through windows and stuff but for now check it out!

Touching up and repurposing a like... 5ish year old asset of mine that I really like for the Abigail game

Hey buttfaces here's some one way platforms and ladders. They work a lot nicer now that I'm raycasting landings. GMS was VERY fond of letting you slip through thin 1pixel platforms!

Hey yo it's and I'm still having fun with this side project, enjoy player damage being introduced, along with her EKG meter and portrait changing and reacting!

You got a Princess Ranni Doll! She's been showing up in a lot of Fanart lately!

Workin' on maybe converting some veeery old assets. I might... uh need an extra colour on each ramp but I DEFO need to convert these from 8x8 to 16x16

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This is Adee. After consulting myself, I decided to release Hatchwell on the 13th of May! My deepest gratitude to all those who wishlisted and supported the development of the game! 😅

If you haven't yet, you can wishlist the game on Steam!

Adjusted the screen size a little here.. whaddya think?
Oh also enjoy a new death animation! The old one was too wide

Some more stuff added to my zombieman enemy. Got a weird bug were sometimes hurting them will stop their ai for a second. Gotta sort that. AI doing slopes is pretty damn cool though

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