Finally moved to another instance
Feel free to unfollow this account

New one at → @Tina

Finally moved to another instance
Feel free to unfollow this account

New one at → @Tina

@quad or maybe you can help me out, I tried setting up Mastodon on my own server but I couldn't access the site on anything else than port :3000, SSL didn't work, and email couldn't be sent

Aside from that, the installation process ran fine so I guess I still got pretty far, it'd be sad to give up now but meh

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@quad hey Quadie
So can I have an account on your instance ?
There's already a bunch of mentions that I can't read on .social because their instaces are blocked lol I never thought it'll happen so quickly

This is like my fourth time to host something I hope can replace Twitter. Let's see if this one takes.

When this place is too huge and we replace our minds with toot-generating nanomachines I promise not to forget how sweet you all were.

Alright, pushed/merged a rewrite of the XML rendering code for . It now uses Ox instead of Nokogiri and doesn't load a template. This should reflect on Atom feed loading times but also background jobs that involve sending Atom payloads to other instances. Here I go to sleep.

Here on Mastodon we have: Furries, Socialists, Lesbians, Witches, Warlocks, programmers, and French people. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TWITTER? NOTHING. NOOOOTHING

@quad are you planning to make a public instance or only to use this one for yourself and friends and that's all ?

Pourquoi nous avons créé notre instance Mastodon

Tl;dr :
- Un réseau social que nous maîtrisons et qui n’appartient ni à une entreprise, ni à un état.

- Un vecteur de confiance pour notre lectorat qui ne dépend pas d’un tiers.

- Une communauté de lectrices et de lecteurs qui partagent des valeurs qui se retrouvent dans l’ADN de Mastodon.

@Shookaite @lezogeek @Kins
D'accord donc si je comprends bien ce sont les utilisateurs qui créent les passerelles d'une instance à l'autre (via leur propres flux) et non les instances en elles mêmes. Si tous les utilisateurs d'une instance donnée ne suivent que des personnes de cette même instance, aucun flux externe ne sera rapatrié. Le "following" est donc au cœur du fonctionnement et des interactions. Merci.

I wonder, if a Mastadon server were seized by a government agency, what metadata regarding toots and tooters would be available?

About risk profile:

- Mastodon is like email because you can't delete federated toots
- Mastodon is like twitter in that Google's search bots index it, unless your admins robot.txt it away
- Mastodon is like being a teenager because the people that own your instance can see all your private stuff

Have a talk with your admin about their policies.

By default, assume everyone will be able to read your toots forever.

Even better : delayed deletion of account


User A from instance A move to instance B

He makes some toots on instance A to announce he moved

He programs his own account deletion on instance A to happen in 2 weeks

His followers on instance A have some time to notice he moved, and the account will delete itself later without him doing anything for it

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