@ShorterPearson @catherinecronin @dkernohan @sleslie @katebowles

*cough cough*
*tap tap*

"When one first tries a new something, one should see exactly how far that thing can go without breaking it, or at least try to reach out to the furthest boundaries, or to what one is accustomed to, unless one is so inclined to finish short of the goal of what is currently being called a toot, which in itself is an odd name given is gastro-relations in English slang. One has let loose of one's first toot."


If I could quote-"toot", I'd send that out with the caption "@datadan forever."

@ShorterPearson @datadan thanks sir - decided to rebrand me already - full name instead of the datadan - sorry datadan :P

Also, noticed there doesn't seem to be somewhere for me to delete datadan acct :|

@daniellynds that *is* useful to know

keep it around for a minute to artificially inflate my followers count though ;)

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