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its screen is attached with a disgusting amalgamation of adapters, from hdmi to dvi back to displayport

I just:

-Rebuild a PC to add a DVD Drive
-Put a bootable Windows on DVD to reinstall Windows on it
-Installed a bunch of Programs on it to put Linux on an SD card
-Put that into my RaspPi to start using it.

The future is today

I just played the end of the "The Sacrifice" story of .

Story is getting comically heavy, I can't even take it seriously anymore. "Dramatic" Twists come with such a high frequency, I just want this crap to be over.

I dunno what y'all think but after this series of embarassing missed passes, Toni Kroos should just straight up retire. This isn't even cut for amateur soccer.

I'm surprised there are people who complain about saying like "there is not enough endgame content, after 3000 hours I have nothing left to do"

I'm like. What. If the game only gets boring after putting 4 months *straight* into it, that seems like its worthwhile.

Sands of Inaros Quest finally done.

That quest really has you work for your reward.

My current main Warframe, holding a weapon I train up (I do like it, so I might invest in it a bit). Rhino looks so cool with this workshop skin. It's even called Mastodon!

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This isn't quite how I remembered this game

I for one enjoy the non-stop salt train complaining about Detroit: Become Human

LB: I hope the next character will be more appealing to the people on this site.

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Keep your eyes peeled on - The next character will be revealed on Monday 5 PM GMT (9 AM PDT, 12 PM EDT)