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i love making myself unpopular by consuming problematic content

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I just used the Amazon Echo my mom got for her birthday to rickroll her.

Life is good.

That awkward moment when TrumpSC sends you an excited DM and you actually canceled your patreon sub

Do any of you know video games where picking the higher difficulties is actively punishing? I mean this in the sense of some games cutting content or giving you worse endings when you play on easier difficulties. I wanna know if anyone ever did the inverse.

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dear friends, here is a brief psa.

things that do not make you a man:

genital configuration

things that do make you a man:

inability to slay the witch-king of angmar

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I hate it when a french girl throws a pin at my PC and turns it into a chess figure.

@Clawshrimpy can you join us on discord? @MeimuHakurei wants to get a 4e group running.

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boost this toot if you boost this toot

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People have been posting introductions left and right again, so here we go again with

I'm Shotagonist, a really cute Shota who loves hugs and headpats. I run a discord channel for queer cuties. It isn't a very active chat, but everyone is very welcome in it! I'm vehemently anti-white and I've never played Witcher 3 in my life.

Oh this is my thousanth toot. You expected something special? uhm, uhm. Ok, how about this?

Zero effort trolling:

Post Jim Sterling's Commentocracy video on the related game's steam community forum.

Just got my first Hatchlings in :D I called them Nefarian and Wrathion (I know Wrathion is Nef's nephew and not his brother)

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I'm getting a lot of negativity and politics on my feed in recent days

I just wanna sit here and post in peace without having to solve other people's problems. I have enough on my plate as is.

@Clawshrimpy Since you're not too fond of video game try-hards and people who constantly tell others to "git gud" etc. etc. I can suggest you to (probably on youtube vids) look at "Getting over it with Bennett Foddy" - it's absolutely brilliant.

Apparently the Earth Flight is consistently the one with the lowest member count in - even though one of the coolest Dragons in fiction is literally Earth-Aligned.