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Want truly alternative search results?

Use Searx rather than (US-based, Amazon AWS-reliant, centralized) duckduckgo!

Searx subverts data from search engines while protecting your privacy in a truly decentralized matter! for main (often saturdated instance) for a list of instances.. and better, deploy your own! <3

Jojo's is also a very good source for screencaps as it seems

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@Claw poke me on discord to talk about card games

All the changes in hearthstone and all the skill in the world won't protect your from the guy with all the purples.

Moto why you so good at card games

my second account i made to unlock morgl just went 12 wins with the free arena ticket

FTL is a terrible game, but it's fans saying Into the Breach is not quite as good makes me wonder whether that's a good or bad thing.

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posting my paypal link cos i could use some donations this month, things have been tough and i could use help. boosts are also appreciated.

This is a good reaction image I'm saving for later use, feel free to use it yourself.

Recommend me anime to watch on Crunchyroll, I need more stuff besides DD Hokuto no Ken to get more milage out of my 14 day trial

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Hey, I need $200 to get an Amtrak back to Nebraska.

If you can help with that it would be much appreciated

More is appreciated because I'm going to need bags and various other things. And food

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*circles "become gay" on a whiteboard*

I just discovered DD Hokuto no Ken and now I got anime to watch again.