The fact that Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites on the web and it still doesn't use ads is astonishing.

Turning on invincibility in a video game can give you an idea of how immortals can get bored with living.

People might updoot more if the up arrow was on the right side of the screen.

Being an adult is having the money to buy the toys you wanted as a kid but spending it on stuff like detergent

As a blacksmith, cutting yourself with a knife you just made, must be painful and probably makes you feel proud at the same time.

Flat earthers are going to have a tough time once private space tours become a reality

The ultimate revenge on Santa for giving you coal is to burn it and melt the the ice caps.

It would suck if you got invited to an ugly sweater party and it turned out it was only for people who are ugly and sweat a lot.

The reason you never see blood in Star Wars movies is that all of the wounds are cauterized the moment they happen.

We live in a world where most of us would rather say hi to a dog then it's owner if we were to pass them on the street

No matter what time it is, the sun is always shining on a McDonald's. The sun never sets on the McDonald's Empire.

Growing up is going from hating bees because they sting to loving bees because you now know just how vital a role they play in the ecosystem

Jasmine was totally about to dump Aladdin before he showed her his nice ride (carpet)

Life is literally just a game, if you're not rich you play on survival mode, if you are you play on creative mode

If "You are what you eat", then cannibals are more human than we could ever be

Your ATM pin would fail almost every website's password strength checker, but it's the only thing securing your money

One of the unspoken things about being an adult is having a favorite burner on the stove.

In physics the fattest person on Earth is the most attractive.

Wolverine could just keep throwing his severed dicks at you until you give up and run away

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