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Shower Thoughts

Phones used to ring to get your attention, now they always have our attention so they stay on silent.

Cars should have a "shame light" for when you've made a driving mistake and you want everyone to know you're sorry

If everyone treated life like a game, we'd all be super fit from sprinting everywhere

Having a mental health issue is like having two broken legs except nobody else can see it

As you get older, receiving new underwear and socks as gifts gets exponentially better.

The saying better late than never is very true when it comes to waking up

It's fucked up that whole countries go to war just because a few assholes can't get along.

We want to make AI seem more human while actual people are forced to work like robots and show little emotion on the job.

Fire would be fucking terrifying if it was invisible

In 10 years Instagram will have millions of inactive dead dogs accounts.

Dora the Explorer is an explorer, yet has only been to mapped regions

How bout a slow clap for the person who decided to put lines on the back of wrapping paper.

you never realise how much you fart, until you start dating a new person

C-3PO survived two generations of war while iPhone can't even survive two iOS updates

Something that is more pixelated is actually less pixelated

Zoos are elaborate prisons for animals that aren't delicious.

First we learn to read, then we read to learn