Ultron was on the internet for 5 minutes and decided all of humanity needed to go.

Somewhere in the world someone is known in their friend group as the guy who took a pornstars virginity.

"Thicc" is actually the most accurate slang term because the "cc" resembles the booty

It's strangely pleasing that there are parallel Ls in the word parallel

People who have synesthesia (senses mix up so sounds have flavor etc.) must have really good taste in music.

Monopoly got one thing right: Free parking is bloody hard to get.

There's a high chance one of our ancestors were gay and were forced to get married and have kids because of the strict rules pre 1900

Speed bumps protect people from accidents by increasing the risk of accident if people are not careful.

If Noah's Ark actually happened, then we are living in a post-apocolyptic world

For men an upwards nod= what's up bro and a downwards nod= hello sir.

If zombies existed, somebody (most likely in Florida) would try to rape one.

"eleven plus two" is an anagram of "twelve plus one". Both add up to thirteen

Porn is the only type of movies where spoilers are allowed in the title.

The most unrealistic thing about Monopoly is that everyone starts with the same amount of money

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