The first person to steal an idea, was in fact very original..

Sometimes, in order to get good at something you enjoy, you have to practice so much that you don't enjoy it as much anymore

Browsing here is an effective way to realize how unoriginal your thought pattern is.

You are not a person, you are a brain. You just control the meat suit

Kanye West probably thinks he is a genius because he spends most his time with the Kardashians.

Thanos didn't take off his glove for the entirety of the movie, his hand must have been sweaty and pruny as hell by the end...

A vaccine that prevented autism would be the ultimate irony for anti-vaxxers

Cats would be humiliated if they could comprehend how cute and cuddly they look despite how coy and predatory they act.

Single people who say all the good ones are taken are admitting they're not a good one.

In The Office the co workers were actually co workers in real life

Cartoons made it seem like dog catchers would be more of a thing

Being lonely is believing you've received a message when it's just your battery at 15%

In the purge, there is technically no law to stop the police from enforcing the laws anyway

Having telekinesis sounds awesome, but realistically it would mainly be used to turn off the light switch when you're already in bed.

Phineas and Ferb are a big reason pretty much anyone knows what aglets are.

If Batman only comes out at night, why don't the criminals work 9-5

30% of the earth is covered with land but in movies aliens always attack NYC

A date is like a two-way interview where both the people are trying to get hired while evaluating whether to hire the other person or not.

Storage Wars is basically some grown men opening lootboxes.

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