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Shower Thoughts

Rain would be a lot scarier if it all fell at once.

Teachers and adults that tell us "High-school is the best time of your life" only think so because they reached their peak during that time.

Empty police vehicles sitting on the side of the road are like scarecrows for humans

You've probably seen someone living their last day on Earth at some point.

Maybe plants are farming us, giving us oxygen until we decompose and they can eat us

Watching someone switch from laughter to crying is sad. Watching someone switch from crying to laughter is terrifying.

Dating your friend's daughter sounds so much worse than becoming friends with your girlfriend's father.

You know someone's made it in life when you can assassinate them instead of just murdering them.

In another universe, people are probably constantly finding guitar picks, left socks and hair ties and wondering where they came from.

Its odd how people demonize free healthcare for the poor, but nobody bats an eye at firefighting being universal.

Somewhere in Hollywood is the last girl who slept with Harvey Weinstein but now never will receive her promised movie role

Its cool that no matter how badly you spell Bendict Cucumberpatch you still know who it is

In the future, Google Earth will be able to offer entire views of the world as it was hundreds of years ago.

When you die, your email will quickly be overrun by spam. Like wilderness taking back an abandoned city.

Playing the bass in music is like your eyebrows. You don't notice it is there, but once it's gone, you're like, what

Garbage bag commercials can stop proving the bag won't rip and start showing that the string won't break.

"Gonna" is short for "going to" but only when referring to an action, not a place.

What if we live in a simulation and morning fog is just blocking what hasn't loaded yet

Instead of a "Forgot Password" button, websites should also have a "Show Password Rules" button.

Whenever someone in a show or movie shrinks down and goes inside someone else's body, the inside is always lit up for some reason.