I am once again begging ppl to stop stanning status quo politicians for doing the bare minimum, they’re public servants - not your friends :AngeryCat:

If conservatives are being actively silenced online, how come they never shut the fuck up? :thonking:

As much as I try to avoid soy I consume it everyday without realising so I gave up on trying to avoid it

Everyday is just checking twitter, realizing that it’s literally hell on earth, then going on mastodon and realizing that it’s a different kind of hell on earth

Grabbing your pocket every few minutes to check if the keys are still there, but for your personality

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If you’re looking for a sign to wrap up your year on your instagram stories here it is: don’t, nobody fucking cares :thinkhappy:

Just another day of falling in love with white women on tiktok smh

I know it's hard to grasp, but if you wanna criticize the West you don't automatically have to bootlick China and Russia :pika:

Seriously guys who made this 😂 and where can I find it 😂 please...

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Jordan Peterson this Jordan Peterson that, how about you jo get some bitches bro 💯

:catjam: I’m flowing down the river that is life without any sense of direction or purpose :catjam:


This page is NOT furry safe zone, you WILL be bullied, thanks

Ppl that drive below a speed limit on a left lane and speed up to not let you overtake them are psychopaths and should get their license revoked

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