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Glad to see updated to support v2. Definitely my favorite client on .

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Anonymity is not a crime.

Just because some speech is anonymous, doesn't mean it's not valid. Nor does it mean that the speaker doesn't have rights.

In fact, anonymity is the act of asserting one's rights in the real or perceived absence of protection.

Anonymity is about protecting one's self against threats, bad actors, and, well, nut balls. Because, well, people are crazy and/or sick and will hurt or kill you because you speak your mind.

Anonymity is not a crime.

Glad to see so much support for keeping . Let's hope this gets the attention of someone higher up than the shill that's currently heading up the .

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#ACAB, once more.

♲ @Dead Pundits Society (DeadPundits@twitter.com): This needs to go viral: courtesy @atticusgarden: Columbus Police Officer pushing a handicap women out of her wheelchair & walking away


I usually have no idea what's going on around here most of the time, but, somehow, I'm alright with that.

Well, this is interesting. I think I may like it here.