everytime a peer drops a baby I am reminder that at my age this is what women are supposed to be doing.

Do these people not read the news?

And i am hungry after having eaten 2 hours back.

And i am on this fitness challenge thing so i am not supposed to snack, EVERYTHING SUCKSSS

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PMS has brought jinxed luck also into my life.

Fought with the whole fam, cried about it for two days
Fought with partner, cried at work.
Washing machine ordered online was discovered to be broken while installing

Just please take me away from all of this and send me on permanent vacation

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Are you a human cat?

naps all the time
needs to be loved
done with everyone's shit
always wants snacks
cute but will fight

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@shinjini yes. I think so too. But i do agree thst any support is better than no support.

Deepika Padukone has made generic statements about some unrest in the country and everyone is rejoicing.

PR move hai, no one gives a fuck.

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was told today at work that people are paid money to protest, asked them if it pays more than my job

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Sex worker raises $700k for the Australian Bush Fires by offering nudes against proof of donations, Instagram suspends her account.

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Hey Twitterverse. We (@hereafterhub@twitter.com) are looking to an .
Someone young, active, good at researching (a.k.a Googling) and definitely has a good sense of creating presentations.

If interested drop us a mail: culture(at)hasdesk(dot)com

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People: protesting a damning piece of legislation which has serious repercussions on the moral fabric of our nation, pushing it closer to becoming a fascist state every day.

Indian government:

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Shaheen Bagh.

The electricity. The power. The magic.


If you are in Delhi and you haven’t come here, PLEASE do.

History is being made. Right here. Right now. Join it.

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Indian Men: the largest housewife-recruiting creed in the entire universe.

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Man, this had me in splits. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/SameeraKhan/status

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A spark lit by a small protest in Besant Nagar is turning into a roaring flame of dissent across Tamil Nadu against the CAA and NRC

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