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"इक बार तो यों होगा
थोड़ा सा सुकूँ होगा
न दिल में कसक होगी
न सर पे जुनूँ होगा...."

~ गुलज़ार

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One of the best interviews in Indian television that I‘ve see in a really, really long time.. Anurag Kashyap telling Rajdeep Sardesai (to a question asking if Modi and Shah blessed the gang) no, they actually created the gang, besides saying a few other things. MUST WATCH CLIP:

Disregard the words.
Actions have shown that AAP netas from before its inception, has always acted to further the RSS agenda, with actions to weaken only Congress, in order to clear the way for the disastrous BJP-RSS rule, with a slice for themselves.

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The fight for a India, is not a Muslim Indian's fight. It is basically a Indian's fight. My way of life accommodates, 33 crore deites and their devotees. It does not distinguish between followers of any God and knows that all paths lead to the one truth. We are all on this land as one family.

@musafir Of course, did you not know that... it is so fragile that a single negative thought tho ne'er express'd can unhinge it from its tracks and send it careening down an unending slope to disaster of unmitigated proportions... (Sarcasm intended)

Ajit Pawar's all tweets till 22nd Nov 2019 are from iPhone, plenty of tweets posted today from his account are all from Twitter WebApp!

Who is handling his account? BJP IT Cell or it is a provision to claim, his account was hacked.


Before today, had never tweeted using a web browser. All his tweets were from his iPhone.

Seems like BJP IT cell has taken over his Twitter account. Every thing is not well. 😀


The file contained screenshots of Twitter accounts of politicians, journalists and activists among others.

There were also screenshots of official Twitter accounts of different TV channels run from different parts of the world. …

#India #Jammu #Kashmir #Shot

Full-List of bots:

What Indians must do is come on street and seek more stringent Anti Defection laws

But what Indians are doing finding Chanakya, Masterstroke and Source in every Tom Dick and Harry

Poll bond, PMO… mic switched off.

Congress MP Manish Tewari said the Electoral Bond Scheme was originally meant for the Lok Sabha elections but the PMO had intervened to allow it for state polls too. Before his microphone was disconnected, Tewari had said the government had “made corruption official” by its decision to disregard the RBI’s objections to the bonds.

Wild allegations should not be levelled: Speaker.

So far....
A BJP guy has been arrested for his links with ISI
A terror accused has entered the parliament on BJP ticket
And now the BJP is caught accepting money from someone being probed for its links with Mumbai blasts...

Nationalism, redefined.


Supreme Court agrees to hear challenge to validity of Aadhaar Amendment Act



So says Assam NRC list is junked and a fresh NRC would be done along with a nation wide NRC. That means no NRC in Assam also.

Question is who will pay ~₹1500 Cr spent on Assam NRC?

It was a Supreme Court monitored project no? So shall we deduct from Gogoi’s pension?


The BJP gets terror-funding. Read that again. And again. Iqbal Mirchi. Got it? Terror funding. BJP:

@TathagataSatpathy As a first step, the code and the circuitry of the EVM should be published as Free (as in Freedom) Software for peer review, improvements and scrutiny. The code that runs on the EVM is written by humans and hence can contain errors. Could you please your good offices to campaign for making the EVM circuitry and software source code available?

/cc: @praveen

How can the computer (EVM microcontroller) make such large errors? The Election Comm of India tech committee hasn't felt any need to explain these things. Indians are supposed to be a docile tribe! Heard the petition mentions mismatches in 370 plus constituencies
Indians are not merely docile and moronic, they are also not very particular about whether they lead a savage existence without basic rights. Perhaps because we have never really cared about or experienced 'rights'.

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ADR has filed a petition in SC on Nov 15, asking for ‘a Court order directing EC to conduct actual and accurate reconciliation of the (votes) data before declaration of final result of any election’. Number of votes cast was more than total figure of voters in voters' list across all constituencies in Madhya Pradesh during 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

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Our design researcher @tanushree has used regular phone interviews with healthcare workers in rural India to understand their continued experience with Simple. Here she lists some excellent insights & tips on using this method effectively:

Our nationalist party in the name of nation wholeheartedly took donations from "Terror Funding Company" but be assured Sab Changa Si

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One little thing that went unreported on yesterday's Kashmir hearings.

Sol.-General was asked why prepaid mobiles are not operational yet.

He responded saying prepaid SIMs are easy to get by forging identity documents such as Aadhaar! *Aadhaar*

@VakashaS @legaljournalist

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