I think I will use this platform as my opinion timeline directory.
Toot like no one is reading, just me and my thoughts

Bumrah will go on to become one of top 3 bowlers to ever played the game.
He is already better than anyone India ever produced.

You can never beat the markets in long run.
There are times when it's obvious markets are wrong and we can exploit that but those are far and few.
But we tend to think these are plenty and try to manufacture something which isn't there.
Let the trade come to you, Only way to "beat the markets" is to be with them.

When you lose everything, it's a great opportunity to rebuild yourself from the scratch.
The old pshychological structure has to break completely.

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Suddenly occured to me that the is a test not just for citizens but also for the news media today.

is a verdict on a piece of land and nothing more.
It is not a question of faith, it doesn't define or justify anything.
All the problems stems from organization of any religion, religion was originally meant to be a personal transformational tool not some set of beliefs for masses to adhere to which it became later on

Hot Samosa at night in an empty park during winters along with Chai.
Different feels man just different

Finally a decentralised social media platforms 👍

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Mastodon is not Twitter
...if you are still tangled in a Twitter-mindset!!

Are you still searching for the Trending Topics that will impose to everyone what is the thing about whom you "must" talk today?

Are you searching for "people to follow" instead of "people to interact with"?

Are you still planning time wasting things like hashtag wars instead of doing something real?

Are you searching for emotional and social gratifications by the number of retweets you received?

Are you still judging a post by the number of likes that received?

Are you still writing '"cool lines posts" for obtaining likes insted of writing interesting posts that stimulates discussion and interaction?

If so, pkease pay attention: there is still much Twitter INSIDE YOU.

(It takes some time to heal 😉)

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