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Just a reminder that the has for many years been doing courageous work in to see people get medical aid and relief from the war in . They are well regarded and often the *only* aid organization on the ground. They ALWAYS NEED donations. They have bank accounts across Europe and Japan, as well as PayPal.

Please consider donating. They are seriously going to need it. 🙍🏽‍♀️

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A muffin-topped tree-fondling hermit of ambiguous origin.
A sassmouthed déclassé cutie pie who won’t just get with the programme.
The lobster-clawed lunch lady baking cookies for the protest.
The creepy-silent older kid you confess your secrets to at recess
(but were forced to invite to your birthday party).
A wild-eyed lumpenintellektueller mindspiv yelling doggerel in the dark.
I’m the briny basketcase your mommy says to get off the phone with.

EN, ZH, and others. 🙆🏽‍♀️

This should be fun. Info and trailer for "Never Surrender", a documentary about the Star Trek parody (and fan favourite), "Galaxy Quest."

This will seriously mess up the Thermians' historical documents. 😃

#Movies #Parodies #Comedy #SFF #StarTrek #GalaxyQuest #Documentaries

Kollok 1991 spoils 

I'd like to solicit advice from my fellow black and brown folks who've decided to do their own thing, whether freelancing or making or anything like that:
- How'd you start marketing yourselves?

- Did you ever feel that impostor syndrome of like "im not good enough for people to pay for my work"?

- How do you prevent white people (or any kinda client or buyer) fucking you over? How do you *react* to it?

Any and all advice is great, I'm but a doe in these new woods.

You know what?

If you're unwilling to acknowledge that an individual can be both an anti-capitalist figurehead and a total monster than you're not my comrade.

If you're unwilling to acknowledge that the fact that atrocities perpetrated under the USSR, DPRK, PRC, or other socialist governments can be simultaneously useful capitalist propaganda and true then you're not my comrade.

If you believe that state terror is a useful tool to control counter-revolutionary thought then you are my enemy.

@Shamar @dthompson @cwebber

This isn't a criminal procceding. It's a crisis of organizational leadership.

Learn the difference.

#RMS is no leader; he's a despotic dictator and cult leader. He has done far more harm to his movement than good.

Guile and Guix are two of the nicest places to be in GNU currently, and quite frankly some of the most interesting; as far as relevance of GNU as an organization that does new and interesting things, there's only a small handful of projects that I really feel excited about the developments of. (GNU in its early days, was a very innovative project, but after some time I think stopped putting effort there.)

If there's a future to hope for in GNU, its path forward is lead by those projects.

RMS pulls a serious power move (read: dick move), unilaterally appointing a maintainer to Guile without consulting the other co-maintainers or community, because the current co-maintainers disagree with him on governance

Watching , a live streamed table top RPG broadcast on Twitch channel HyperRPG weekly, Tuesdays at 0200 UTC (Mondays at 1800 PST).

Set in a small creepy Cascadian town, the protagonists are teens exploring weird events. The GM for this game is wonderful, as are the drama and occasional effects. I’ve never watched such fare before, but am enjoying it. It’s imaginative fun and works well whilst doing chores and such.

Victory! Last night, Berkeley’s city council voted unanimously to ban the city government’s use of face recognition technology.

An interesting long read on the political and social dimensions around Duolingo’s decision to branch out into smaller languages

@tan remember than time Archer and Phlox decided to create a baby in the lab so they could raise it and murder it and harvest its brain?

@tan and remember when Archer tortured that alien in an airlock and that time they found that other alien in the slime planet and just decided to torture him too because Space 911 Changed Everything?

I thought “Yang Gang” meant that was Andre Yang’s Chinese name for a while, till I heard someone say it like “Yayng Gayng”. 😄


Halloween party idea - If you are having a Halloween party you can test out face makeup to avoid facial recognition. I thought people may like this as an activity for a party --

Watch a few videos, apply the face makeup and then use free software to see if you are recognized.



site with free software webcam:

What do you think?

To the folks who complained about Gillette’s -supporting ads: their sales are up. So maybe they are resonating with a sizeable number of consumers who believe toxic masculinity exists.

In San Francisco there is a tall hill (one of many, natch). It has a cable car crossing half way down the slope where a little booth for a traffic officer ought stand, sadly always unmanned.

I fancy to take my skates and bright white gloves to become the traffic director there each day until they take me away. I will roll around and grab hold of cable cars and autos to get places.

I must secure funding for this life mission.

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