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Why does Jitsi Meet totally peak out my CPU, even with the camera turned off, and nobody else in the room with me? They must be running some bloated ass Javascript

I also notice that it take a few minute before my CPU (dual core 1.6Ghz) goes back to normal after I close the #JitsiMeet tab. Hmmmm ...

@strypey hey I've been wanting to test Jitsi. I often use ZOOM. It's proprietary but has great a feature set. I'd 100% prefer to drive eyes to something like Jitsi. Your experience sounds like I might need to use some caution.

@david_ross , but I tried logging in with #OpenBox, instead of #GNOME #Fallback, OB uses a bunch less CPU while idlng, and Jitsi Meet still pushed the CPU to 99% without doing anything but idlng with no cam. I also tried the #FramaSoft instance (#FramaTalk) and it was just the same

@david_ross I'm excited about testing #NextCloudTalk, the new #WebRTC app for the NC platform. I believe it's a rewrite of #Spreed, so I'm hoping that means it's a bit more resource efficient than #JitsiMeet

@strypey I brought this up on a Mozilla vols call today. Thanks for the update!

@david_ross @strypey Please kill with fire until it is a crispy charred hunk of Zuul meat.


@strypey @Shufei I used WebRTC yesterday as a lightweight video conference tool with someone using Ubuntu who struggled with other platforms. It worked first time and seamlessly.

I genuinely don't understand the hate.

@david_ross @strypey It breaks VPN. Virtually every web browser which has it, has it enabled by default, causing obvious security risks. I’m glad it has legitimate uses for them who want it. I’ll never want it, for anything I can see.

But yes, I suppose I ought to be grateful. Ripping out WebRTC by the roots was a nice little education in tweaking obscure options in about:config, etc. And being more sceptical of even Mozilla browser defaults.

@Shufei @strypey hey it sounds like this specific user model needs Tor Browser and not a general use multimedia browser like Firefox?

@david_ross @strypey Mmm, sometimes one needs VPN without Tor. Though it’s definitely a good suggestion, this.

@Shufei @david_ross would be good if #WebRTC can be turned on and off as needed, with the user explicitly giving permission for each site trying to us it, like #Firefox does with cam and mic

@strypey @Shufei @david_ross I have never understood this idea of hiding IP address on secure alt tech servers as we would be nieve to not understand that governments/isp's/corporations holesale cleact IP address flying over the #openweb we actually know they do this from Snowden etc. #securitytheater #geekproblem is dangerous to sell/push this fig leaf? As I say I have never understood this? Comments?

Shufei ✌🏼 @Shufei

@Hamishcampbell @strypey @david_ross I’ve never understood the “absolute safety” fallacy, myself. There is unsafe infosec and safer. It’s figleafs all the way down, an arms race of figleafs, even in crypto. And even the surveillance state doesn’t have total immediate clairvoyance. So if hiding ip foils some metadata skimmers, but not all, at least you’ve foiled probably most. It buys time and options and muddies waters. That’s all one can do anyway.

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@Shufei @strypey @david_ross my though on much of the wrighting/presentation on the subject. Say clearly your muddying the waters dont sell crypto as a black and white sulution to everything. We have had 10 years of that and it needs to stop #geekproblem #openweb