A packet radio chat protocol with support for digital signatures and binary compression. Like IRC over radio waves, for the Baofeng UV-5R 4-watt radio.


@neauoire Mmm now tie this in with SSB or Matrix or DAT and whoops, who needs corporate Internet anymore?

@wraidd I KNOW! I'm gonna order two of these radios when I get to Guam.

@neauoire One sticky wicket is that, at least in the US, is you a) need a HAM license to operate these radios and b) can't legally use encryption.

Which, of course, only matters if you get caught.

@wraidd @neauoire You don’t need a ham (not an acronym) license to operate a Baofeng. You can operate on MURS and FRS/GMRS just fine. The radio just isn’t type accepted, but everyone knows that’s what they are for. And it is overpowered for those bands per FCC regs. And packet isn’t acceptable transmission type for those bands.

But provided you don’t show off your rig at FCC headquarters or interfere with the local Costco on MURS, only ham prigs will care.

@Shufei @neauoire I know it's not an acronym, all-caps is just how we do it where I'm from.

I haven't really looked too closely at the frequency bands the unit can reach -- I'd assumed it was 2m/70cm locked, so mea culpa on that one. It's definitely overpowered for FRS :D

I wouldn't send packets over a repeater but yeah


@wraidd @neauoire Oh I think it’s fab. I’d have happy fits if I came across some guerrilla packet on FRS.

Baofeng were very smart. They have their radios open to tx on a wide swath either side of 2m and 70cm. So marine, business, and old public service frequencies are accessible without the usual diode surgery MARS mods. Lovely, especially for us emcom nuts and radio rogues.

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