Is there a web service which functions like a wiki to translate by human means any website, especially news? As in, crowd sourcing requests for translations which aren’t the garbled gibberish which come out from google’s infernal machine?


@Shufei I haven't heard of any (which doesn't prove anything...).

Anyway, I'm not sure if this could be a viable model for news. Translating is slow, and news get published in huge amounts every day, and the next day most of them are forgotten. So the effort to collectively translate them sounds like wasting resources to me.

But for more permanent and time-independent texts this could be an interesting idea. Well, Wikipedia itself is one such project in existence.

@Stoori Points taken of course. But I’m not sure it wouldn’t be useful, if only for ledes and abstracts. I’ve done a wee bit of translation, and abstracts especially are in high demand, and don’t take too long. (I’ve seen researchers sob and literally bang their heads on desks over getting their English abstracts right.)

What spurred this for me are Portuguese reports on Intercept. I’d like to follow Brazil developments better, but many interesting articles don’t have any English or others.

@Shufei Yeah, headlines and abstracts could be a good fit regarding resource use.

@Shufei You could try, it is way better than Google translate but supports fewer languages (portuguese is one of them).


@tastytea @Stoori Right! Thanks heaps. That came out very clean and good enough for news, certainly. And nice to not feed the Google, too.

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