in the alternate socialist present, i am herding goats with a cane and melody while replacing batteries in the mesh routers the ‘ware guild has hung from trees. later i dine at the village commissary and watch a movie projected on the side of a barn.

a courier arrives from the next village on horseback with books, zines, letters, art prints, and a hard drive full of music and movies. we offload the drive while the courier joins us for lunch, sharing news — harvests, births, deaths, the goings-on of various governance councils — while we load a drive with our own new media. the courier leaves as full as they came, and well-fed besides.

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@garbados I walked over the crest of the hill. A pretty hamlet spread below, with more distant across the vale. People were having a barnside film, which I could just hear above the bleat of goats. Not feeling up to faces yet, I sat down and rolled out my bivouac, munching on some biscuitroot. In the morning I’d go down and ask if anyone wanted to send messages on my HF radio or needed a school tutor for a term. Hopefully I could make and tend bee hives and get some honey. I do so love bees.

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