Beeb interview with Wendy Carlos in 1989, showing how she mixes instrument voices on her antique Moog in the raw on the fly.

@Shufei thanks for the link! she reminds me Delia Derbyshire, another musician and engineer ahead of her time

@Shufei I love this video, especially the random cutaways of Wendy's cats just wandering over her kit not giving a solitary fuck in the world. The narrator mispronouncing "Moog" bugs me WAY more than it probably should though.

@ThreeLetterMax Haha, caught that, and her implicit correction. Although I do recall a wry post by an early user on Usenet long ago who suggested the inventor’s name is prounced as mōg whilst the device is a mūg. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Either way, the cats are no doubt able technicians and uncredited muses.

@Shufei The cats just pronounce it "Meowg" though. That doesn't help.

@Shufei That's a great little spot. And Wendy Carlos is just wonderful.

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