I can barely contemplate if the UK does Brexit and they become a total thrall to the USA and they kill the .

I’m saying this from the heart: the USA medical “system” straight up MURDERS working class and poor people. That is not hyperbole. It’s an abattoir. If you don’t have insurance, you die. If you do, you hemorrhage your life savings, then you die. There is *no* medical care for anyone not rich. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

The UK has gone bloody insane.


utterly agree except one small thing?

#uk has not gone a bit insane, i think the veneer of sanity night be simply washed away?

@ahanon It’s true enough. But people survive by that veneer. I wish I could agree with the accellerationists, but it is not inevitable for things to get better after getting worse...

@Shufei actually, going by certain evidences - eg dataism as replacing capitalism (with ref to m wark's latest book too) - the acceleration notion of betterment seems to be confounded indeed.

Unless one is on the nick land's accelerationist wing - ie the improvement is not for humans but for
#ai and such. (possibly not for organisms as we currently know)

indeed, the point re veneer, was that how can it change direction - let alone better?

@Shufei ..and yes.. re veneer.
indeed a question of survival. however, perhaps it sounds mad - however like the Arawaks who refused slavery, perhaps survival is simply not good enough?

it's dark. i know. sometimes feels like the only option since there are no choices.

@Shufei And every healthcare reform in the US just seems to make it worse. There used to be public hospitals, health cooperatives, co-op hospitals, etc. Pretty much all gone.

@tfb About the only good done was Medicaid expansion, which not all states have. Even then, the care can be nonexistent or subpar. Less doctors take it.

@Shufei #1 cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. is medical bills.

Many people in the UK don't recognise the inherent dangers, and often it is the people who have the most to lose. The incremental nature of the NHS privatisations is comparable to slowly boiling the frog.

Did they do the same thing in NZ as they are doing in the UK*? Starve the NHS of cash and other resources, then point out the system isn't working and it needs the introduction of competition. Rinse, and repeat.

* The UK doesn't have a homogenous NHS. The one in Scotland is separate (and always has been) and hasn't suffered from the same creeping privatisation as the NHS in England.


It's a red-herring, a country of 80 million can comfortably negotiate a #healthcare system that works for everyone.

#Australia is has #Medicare and its not terrible - we have 25 million.

The #London #elite and #cultural #stenographers lie about #Brexit. People voted for it to reduce the egregious number of people coming in.

It'll be good for the #workingClass in the #UK bad for the #speculators, #bankers and many #bureaucrats. They'll need to find productive jobs. ;)

@dsfgs Why are you # using # so # many # hashtags? This isn’t # Birdsite...

BoJo himself wants to privatize the NHS, under auspices of USA capital. So much for “negotiation”. That is pure madness and diabolically evil. Y’all have lost any cover of morality whatsoever. So you can shill Brexit someplace else, please.

And for the love of Mastodon, get a photo and knock it off with the hashtag spam. You’re just embarrassing yourself.

We've been blocked by our first and hopefully only genuinely #ignorant entity on the #Fediverse.

Dear @Shufei,

a) #Hashtags on Fediverse are needed for #search. Please, do your research before being #crass.

b) That #NHS #privatisation idea is just #BorisJohnson's crap idea. Boris is a #neoliberal pretending to care bout #Brexit & #thePeople. He doesn't.

c) Have you examined policies from #UKIP or #BrexitParty? If so, how do they differ?


Oh that's right, you blocked us.

@dsfgs @Shufei Yup, it'll be better for the working class once we've sent all our foreign doctors and nurses back where they came from, among with the European plumbers, builders, dentists, teachers, care workers and farm workers who are doing jobs the British working class don't want to do or can't do.

I'm sure we'll all be much better off isolating ourselves from the world to fester in our own xenophobic bitterness, blaming everyone else for our woes.

You misread what we wrote. To repeat, immigration to "sensible levels".

And there are plenty of #workingClass people who would be willing to work a #fairWage in those jobs, the problem is they've been cast aside as a policy.

Shooting down anyone who questions open borders as #xenophobic etc is unwise. Would you shout down #BernieSanders who said in his pivotal 2015 interview, "Open-borders!? That's a Koch Brothers proposal"?

Let's remain civil.


@dsfgs @Shufei Net migration from the EU lays year was 57000, the lowest for a decade. It doesn't take strict regulation to do this, just damage the economy enough that the country is unattractive to immigrants. Of course not all those wanting low immigration are xenophobic, but the political discourse around the issue is always pushing the xenophobic, racist hot buttons. Interestingly, post-referendum Britons have become more welcoming to immigrants.

Interesting. The referendum result mayve highlighted how t UK isn't the panache t #talkingHeads and #vestedInterests would hv em believe.

In #Australia we still have v aggressive interests #marketing "Come to Australia", w #scantilyClad women on beaches. Once here theyre put under #debt and #exploited in jobs theyre #overqualified for, w often extreme #commutes from #urbanSprawl.

Its #slaveTrade t media wont talk about it - #Murdoch benefits like most 1%ers.

@Shufei Putting aside the arguments over Brexit and healthcare in the US, your toot is literally hyperbole.

@Shufei "The speaking in a perpetual hyperbole, is comely in nothing but in love." -- Francis Bacon

@papa Bite me, “papa”, and Francis too. I’ve had dear friends killed by that regime. Medical neglect, extortion, and malpractice. That is precisely what the USA is guilty of. So kindly piss off.

@Shufei The UK leaving the EU is not the same thing as the UK becoming "a total thrall" to the US.

@Shufei there's nothing saying well copy the us health system; the US wants to sell us drugs and services; that's fine - we already buy stuff from all over; the only dodgy thing is they were pushing for longer patent stuff. The rest of the fuss was just FUD from labour.

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