The future past of virtual reality, everyone.

I bring you the proposed shoulder harness for the #VirtualBoy.

@Shufei Remember, this was proposed to *alleviate* the discomfort people were saying they were experiencing with the original retail unit.

@JordiGH Hahaha, imagine the spike in physical therapy for neck and shoulder strain. Not to mention little kids choking on it. That thing was heaps heavy.

@Shufei "Hey, Gunpei, people are complaining of neck strain."

Gunpei Yoko, mad genius, with a glint in his eye: "let's add a neck strap to that baby."

@JordiGH @Shufei dunno how good or bad that will be. I always found the VR units to be pretty heavy. Add to that I have distance vision which AFAIK current technology doesn't compensate for. Will have to experience in real to see what works or doesn't.

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