Please make and actually usable and reliable. I know people like toys with which to experiment and hack. But the world needs a real Linux phone now. Yes, I mean a “daily driver”. It’s time.

@Shufei Pinebook hit daily driver a while ago, so I am very optimistic

(My phone is in the nebulous stage of departing Switzerland but not entering Canada)


At this point I think linux phones are really the only place genuine innovation is going to happen in the smartphone market. The market is far to consolidated and stuck in group think (apple drops the headphone jack and then like simon says so does everyone else) for innovation to happen.

Further innovation from big companies from here on will either be in the way your phone monetizes you or in the way it embeds you in a Silo that you cant get out of.

I agree, it is definitely time.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe I’m dead serious when I say I don’t ever want to buy a tablet or phone that isn’t Linux (or &c) again. I can’t be the only one. If the people at Pine really leverage a serious commitment to user friendly and privacy, they could make some real dents and real money.

And, haha, yes, as a radio geek, *I would like an audio jack, please*!

@Shufei @Alonealastalovedalongthe
I don't know if you realize, but @PINE64 only work on the hardware. They rely on the FOSS community for the operating systems that will be put on their devices.

If there's not a rapid influx of FOSS developers to improve the current OS ecosystems, this movement may very well fizzle. Let's hope not. I have great hope that among the 3,000 people who purchased the Brave Heart Edition #pinephone, many of them will contribute to development.

@normandc I do realize; that’s what I was asking for, that people who can please dev for these devices to make it a real thing and not just “gee, look, I got Win95 to run on pinephone”. That’s cute, but some of us are drooling for a rock solid Debianoid on these things, haha.
@Alonealastalovedalongthe @PINE64


I think that furure can happen. I honestly just think it will take time and smart structures to build it.

@normandc @PINE64

@normandc @Shufei @Alonealastalovedalongthe @PINE64 Hello! I received my BraveHeart #pinephone two weeks ago and I've been allocating all my free time to making it my daily driver by writing fast and minimalist apps based on #sway / #wayland. A lot of great developer like @sir are also working on the phone. The linux revolution on smartphone is finally coming, cheers 🎉

@Shufei Seconded! I alluded to it in an earlier post, but it does feel a lot like the Linux PDA era. What's really exciting to me is that there is much more interest and excitement this time around. I really hope we can use that momentum to push us past the finish line.

@dokuja There May never be a “year of the Linux desktop”, but reviewing the market share shows Linux has slowly but inexorably climbed in market share over the years. Given also the pressures of surveillance capitalism, I think there is a large untapped potential here.


Agree, but efforts are extremely scattered. There is ubports, plasma mobile, phosh, luneos, nemo, maemo leste, and probably more. Not enough person-power, TOO scattered.

And the ones I tried so far do not feel like a real phone os. What iOS and Android did right is their approach on application lifecycle. That should be the area efforts should concentrate on.

(I deliberately excluded sailfish above is because that is not free software)

@ashimokawa @Shufei
I've been using #UBports #UbuntuTouch on my main phone for a few months. It feels like a real phone OS. But it suffers from a lot of issues (some of them device specific) that most end users would probably not be willing to live with. It reminds me of the Linux desktop 12-13 years ago. Usable, but with quirks.

But, with a device (#pinephone) very soon to be available in the thousands of units, things are sure to improve. It's just a matter of when...

@normandc I do hope you are right. Quirks I can deal with, just keep the wifi stable, ha. I was following the UBPorts matrix groups for a while, and wasn’t too encouraged. But I do hope it becomes a stable system in due course.

@Shufei @normandc

IMO the #pinephone is a huge opportunity to inject fresh blood into the various free(!) Linux phone efforts. Hope it does!

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