this is 2018's "recording is killing the music industry, we left this side of the tape blank so you can help" and I'm hella here for it

a wildly successful amazon-owned entity decides it needs to make even more money


@ShugoWah literally the first thing I tweeted when I saw what they were doing

ad block all of my shit please

@ShugoWah i got so pissed when i got the email about this today so it's good to hear streamers are pissed too

@ShugoWah Just Robert Moran being a fucking beast. Nothing unusual there.

@ShugoWah yeah as a small time streamer absolutely everything about that change sucks ass fuck ads

Reminds me of this:

Trent Reznor: Has the price come down?

Crowd: No!

Trent Reznor: Well you know what that means. Steal it. Steal away. Steal, steal and steal some more and give it to all your friends and keep on stealing. Because one way or another these motherfuckers will get it through their head that they're ripping people off and that's not right.

@ShugoWah lmao at this quote being on kotaku, cause gizmodo media group recently managed to break the comments section if you dont turn adblock off.....

@sky @ShugoWah That sounds like a second improvement of leaving your ad blocker on.

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