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Stefan Siegl

The german process to digitize etc will never work with proprietary services or Software!

This stuff is literalty made to lock you into the services of a certain company and won't work with anything else. I can already hear tax money going down the drain. And the alternatives: they exist! Some since a decade!

On second look at I am impressed. Once I got rid off my PS-habbits it's great for flyers and artworks!

Will definitly try to improve my skills with it.

Q: How do I get a new user to get rid of his fear of the ?
A: Show him -dl

It took me so much years to finally start . 15hrs in I no longer care for dragons, I just enjoy watching all that snow :)

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"I put a password on my Windows session"

@BryanLunduke To be more precise: If someday we allow backdoors in our medical devices it's no longer about ransomware, it's about life. Think Terrorism, walking around, shutting all heart implants round me off. I don't know how the maintainace works (has to be some sort of NFC) and Im glad I don't. But If I knew, malicious people might also and than: Is obscurity or "opensourcity" the way to go?

@BryanLunduke Today I had a very dark talk with a very nice doctor and I want to pass the topic to the LinuxThursday and to smarter people than me.
Recently a court allowed data from an implated defibrilator as proof in a court case. And we talked about tracking of cochlear implants. Not even thinking of IOT and stuff but what should happen if we decide to let agencys into our ears and hearts? Lock it up? Make it all OSS? I got so much stuff in my head right now

Today my country said yes to . While this doesn't affect me, it makes me happy that finally got equal rights for anybody willing to share a loving life

Does anyone use and wants to test it? I speak native German and solid english ring:2b529c9857abdcbcccd62a6f27ee79537f077c05

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Here's a prime example of Google's invasion of privacy:

Family vacation coming up and I'm emailed the details as an attached Word document. Nothing in the email itself or anywhere else.

Google take it upon themselves without my permission to not only add the vacation to my calendar, but also the hotel I'm staying at and with whom.

All this done automatically by way of scanning personal communication.

Is it 'convenient'? Perhaps, but consider the implications.

#privacy #Google #EULA

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#Germany's massive new #surveillance law is a broach of the constitution, and grants the authorities unlimited access to all of your data via so-called "state trojans". This is a move that would have made the Stasi envious. Another sad day for freedom of speech :(
(Artikel auf Deutsch) "Die Abhörbefugnis -
Der Bundestag erlaubt die Überwachung von Kommunikation über Messenger-Dienste. Und alle wissen: Das ist ein fataler Fehler.!541

Sometimes it's a good thing to delete almost everything in .cache and .config

So much users think that is some kind of sickness. I love it. I can do livestreams with integrated skypecalls via using three different audio devices. Thats the spirit :D

I was ready for a change. So I compiled from . Big black Arrow on the playlist... Change is BAAAAD ;)

Everytime updates the I panic a little inside. Still everything works fine. I call this condition post-lts-syndrom

The audio workstation runs so smooth with (even overs wine specific options in the settings menu) that I don't feel like I need a native version. Still I aplaude the devs for working on one.

Night after night (Europe Central Time) I wait for openssl1.0 to be fixed in . I know it's basicly done.

So this is Mastodon. Thanks to @ChrisWere and @BryanLunduke for bringing me here.

This might be a chance to seperate my interests better. On I do four major interests, besides rambling, in two languages. It's a mess and a catastrophe for any social media algorhythm.