I'm here for like two weeks. It feels much better than constantly being on Facebook. I'm calmer and more present.

But I really miss my and tribe. I have noone to really share this passion with in real life, and there seems to be like I'm the only mastodon user in this niche.
Maybe I should not care and just create. It just feels a bit lonely like this.

Or maybe I'm just too stupid to navigate the . But I'm really not that geeky Person...

@Sten danke! Es wird schon bunter hier im stream 😍

@suddendice @Sibylle @Sten #handspinning is a good hashtag, I tag mine with #spinning, #knitting, #fiberarts, too. If you click on one of these hashtags you’ll find more amazing people like @Magic_Cauldron or @wobin

@Sibylle Here are a quite a few spinning persons. @viennawriter @nahlinse @distel @rottenmeier me, and for sure a lot more.

Hello @Sibylle

i'm not so active in my crafts at the moment, so don't have to post so much about it these days, but i love to see what you're working on.

i think a lot of #spinning also runs under #fiberart or #fiberarts (which one... hmm... i dont know)

@meet_judith @viennawriter @nahlinse @distel

@rottenmeier @meet_judith @viennawriter @nahlinse @distel
During the summer, I'm too busy to spin, too. Garden, sheep, work and the baby need some time, too.

But when the days are shorter and canning is over, I will be making some meters of yarn again.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Made my day. 😍

@Sibylle Manchmal haben andere Instanzen mehr Reichweite. Dann kann es helfen über ihre Adresse direkt in der Adresszeile nach den Hashtags zu suchen, z.B. und ggf. das letzte Wort auszutauschen.

@Sibylle Hello!

nice colours!

I think you've done the right fediverse navigation thing: adding tags for things that interest you will let other people interested in the topic stumble on them, and you'll find that there are quite a few #spinners here in the fediverse!

I'm a #dropSpindle person, and I make most of my tools, but I don't really post about it that much, sorry.

@valhalla drop spindling is cool, I have made a few non pretty but functional dropspindles from jar lids and twigs.

My attempt at making hand cards from board and wire were not so lucky. 🥴 😅

@Sibylle You are definitely not alone! I see lots of toots about #FiberArts (or #FiberArts), #knitting, #crochet, #spinning and so on.

@Sibylle beautiful work! I don't do spinning, but I sew and like to see all sorts of fiber arts.

@Sibylle There are handspinners and other #fibrearts / #fiberarts people in the #fediverse, just maybe not so many, as yet. I occasionally go hunting, but I'm also trying not to spend too long on that when I could be actually doing my #embroidery. Tricky balance to achieve!

@Sibylle My partner is an avid knitter and especially loves finding local wools, shall share your yarns with her =)

@Sibylle Haven't been actively working on yarn atm but I've got a whole trashbag full of wool to process. One day I will master the drop spindle...

@RadioAngel a trashbag of Material is something to Start from.

I find fiber preparation very important with the drop spindle. Gently pre-draw the fiber, especially if it sat for a while.

@Sibylle there are other ppl here, for instance @meet_judith does some nice things with yarn.

@maikek @Sibylle thank you! We already met and I’m happy to follow Sybille now.

@Sibylle hello! I am a disabled knitter and spinner! I share photos sporadically when my focus bounces around to fiberwork, but I always love seeing others :blobcathearts:

That yarn looks cool! Even if it's not my hobby it's always fun to see the things others create!

@Sibylle Fellow yard lover here. I crochet. Keep doing what you love!

@Sibylle a fair number of people here do fibrecrafts! It’s not active right now because we’re out of season but i always see a ton of great posts in #TourDeFleece each year

@Satsuma thank you! I know tour the fleece. It is a yearly challenge.

I just have never been able to participate. It is when garden and hay and a lot of other work needs to be done. Happy to hear Tour de fleece is a thing on masto, too!

@Sibylle since you said you spun i thought you might be familiar! If you haven’t been completely deluged with follow recommendations yet, it might be a good tag to look through for people to follow even if you don’t plan to participate

There’s also a fair number of gardeners and other plant people on fedi! If you havent yet been pointed towards the trunk ( ) i believe they have a couple different follow recommendation lists you might enjoy ( i know they have one for permaculture, pretty sure there are a few others too)

@Sibylle I don't handspin but I knit! Welcome aboard!

@mark I knit too, but I have to admit, I prefer spinning. It is the craft where my mind can wander free.

@Sibylle It just takes time. I don't fit in at all on FB because I'm so much a geek. In the meantime, welcome, and don't be afraid to ask for help. 😄

@Sibylle 66 people and counting: "Heck let's find this person some yarny friends"

@ifixcoinops I never had this experience ever before on a social network. And it keeps going on.

What a lovely crowd!

@Sibylle I'm not on very often here (my husband is on ALL the time) but I'm another handspinner/ yarn person! We should form an alliance!
I recently did Spin Together, I finished 8,010 credit yards of spinning, 2,560 actual yards!

@Sibylle just joined this week to ween off of Zuckerberg platforms….and I miss my sewing feeds from Instagtam. Seeing the response you got from this post gives me hope and patience to keep planting roots here in Mastodon. Love the no ads and no non-chronological timelines and feeds.

@petiterienne hey, I'm so overwhelmed by the Feedback I get!

I don't See on a regular Basis, but I love that craft. Happy to see what you create and talk about it.

What strikes me most about this social experience here, is that it feels a lot more like dealing with real people. You brought up Instagram. Yes, these lovely colors, these perfect Fotos - and there is a never ending flood of it. But I hardly ever got some Feedback that had substancia.

@petiterienne and here, there is a crowd that seems to care genuinly about me being in this community.

This really gives me the drive to go on and share the stuff I do here. So that my favourite hashtags get some more content.

@Sibylle Yes, I feel more engaged with people already here than on IG - smaller groups are maybe easier for me as an introvert. It takes a certain initiative and desire to leave the easy, yet draining world of FB/IG and try to remake our social media connections with more quality, less quantity (and less profits for those companies spreading misinformation and hate.)

@petiterienne welcome! Its great you left Facebook and joined mastodon. Personally I’m totally into fiber and not that much into sewing, but you’ll find some nice folks around here. @nahlinse @Stoffsuchti @Julia for example but there are much more. Just search for the hashtag sewing and you’ll find them. @Sibylle

@meet_judith No problem. I just didn't want @petiterienne to be confused because this account has only ten posts and none of them are sewing-related.

@petiterienne seamstress here! Not posting much of my work since I suffered some burnout, caused by mainstream social too, but I would love to find a nice community here! @Sibylle

@petiterienne @Sibylle

I'm a big advocate in weening off the zuckerberg platforms.

Glad you've been able to take the leap.

We gotta plant diverse roots here in order to get more people onto this platform.

It's okay to still be on both platforms as you push others to also take the leap :D

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