" So there could be a lot of people that we don’t even know about that this is affecting and they are still somewhere in a cell in Saudi Arabia getting tortured or god knows what.

These companies like Twitter should learn their lesson and stop doing business with Saudi Arabia. This is one thing you can do to stop this madness."

Remember, MBS & Modi are good friends.


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Appeal to help Amair Ahmed:

This is to state that Amair Ahmed-24 years r/o H No: 16-3-513/514 Chanchalguda has been suffering from Bone's Tuberculosis (TB)

Neck surgery immediately for which estimation is going upto 4.10 lakhs,

As you all may be knowing that the State Govt has totally stopped Aarogyasri and no sanctions are being given under CMRF.

Please share this & Donate

Amair Ahmed
A/c 918010062537387
IFSC code UTIB0003172
Axis Bank, Malakpet Branch
M: 8686673127 & 8977490692.


Sept: Rs 8000 cr scheme for comp procurement of Kashmiri apples through NAFED.

Oct: Apples to be exported to the Lulu Hypermarkets in UAE.
(Outcome of Modi's Gulf visit)

Latest: Govt has not procured less than a pc of produce.

Rs 7000 cr. Loss
33 lakh families hurt


There are facts and there are manufactured truth that are normalized by repetition and indifference- a strategy that successive govts have deployed to control narratives coming out of and around Kashmir.

Doesn't the Opposition counter question?


Sidrah @SidrahDP
In July 2016, 664 people sustained pellet injuries in one or both eyes in .
(Greater Kashmir- 01092016)

What explains this assault to an entire people, robbing them of their sight and their dignity?

Kashmir has never been normal.
Not for 108 days.
Not for decades.

"₹10,000,00,00,000 is what lost since abrogation of Article 370"

The curfews, continued communication blackouts etc.have economic and humanitarian consequences.

What happened to all that saffron, kahwa Development?

Is GOI considering a relief package? It must.

Attn: @narendramodi
Kitta saara vikas!!


The Opposition didn't do enough for . Anyone defending this needs strong coffee. On me.
Save the bullshit.

India, our collective consciousness is in the dumps. For years now.

Speak up against oppression because it is wrong. Not because they'll come for us. Farq hai.

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The Kashmiri resistance and the movement in are actually organisationally very similar. In , organisation is primarily along the lines of organic social structures. You don't see anyone in Kashmir calling themselves radical or anything-ist, but you see virtually everyone having an idea of what it is they want politically and willing to throw down in order to get it, and in the course of that throwing down, their organisation naturally involves other people because

After 102 days of inhuman clampdown, our Opposition stands indefensible when it comes to Kashmir. Forget A team/B team-as a collective, they haven't tried enough.

Some of them have been complicit in inflicting deceit & brutality all these years. They had a chance at redemption. Shame.

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"The possibility that the fort lies on the ruins of Indraprastha becomes more plausible,” said a retired ASI member."

Did you think that Babri would be the last? That the verdict will settle everything? Peace et al? What will BhaJaPs do then?


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Salute To This Hard working Woman Who Works Hard & Earns A Living Instead Of Begging.
She Sits Near Darbar Sahib, Amritsar. If You Are In Amritsar Or On Tour Its A Request To Plz Buy Something From Her.

Dont Know What Forced Her To Work In This Age But Her Smile Is Inspirational .

@Deepsealioness @ikaveri @ikpsgill1 @sanjayuvacha @SidrahDP

"It has been a season of gloom and despair for us. Kashmir lost its status, we lost our business as well"

100 days of seige & silence.
100 days & decades now that our conscience is dead.

Are we even ashamed of what is being inflicted upon in our name? Is that enough?


In case someone is intrested, today @sanjivbhatt appeared in court for his bail app.

No proceedings happened & another date was given.
Hon'ble SC has no time.

Here is the face of truth & courage. Someone is petrified of his freedom. Lets see until when.

They don't pelt stones. They pelt anger. Children don't enjoy the exuberance of childhood. They see betrayal & humiliation everywhere.

At the park with my son.
Curiosity, Laughter & Play.

What have children in done? Why do we not see them?
Not just 100 days.

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Where justice is denied,

where poverty is enforced,

where ignorance prevails, and

where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them,

neither persons nor property will be safe.
- Frederick Douglass

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Fundamental right? Sorry what's that ? Oh wait, I read these two words in the history book when I was a student ... history!

So now that everyone has unanimously decided to let the perpetrators go scott free, SC may have some time to look at upholding the Fundamental Rights of ?

People over land, trees etc.
Pretty please.

100 days.
Decades now.
Enforced silence, seige & death of our conscience.

Nothing changed today.
Nothing died today.

Something died in us each time we overlooked injustice everwhere around us.

Something died in us when fear loomed so large that we didn't do enough years before 05th August and for 99 days now.

Stop the hysteria.

The @Incindia needs to come clear what it stands for. They can't be secular & uphold faith over justice.

They didn't acknowlege the criminality bought out by SC. Will that be shoved under the carpet like everything?

I'd like to understand Congress' stand on the concept of Justice. No wonder didnt try enough for Sanjiv Bhatt despite being in power. 1984.

Keep doing soft Hindutva.
Hindu majority voter is precious. Muslim votes are not.
Secular much.

People didn't chose BJP lite.

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