What nobody tells you about documentation, divio.com/blog/documentation/.

According to the author, there are 4 kind of documentations: Tutorials, How-to Guides, Explanation, Reference. Each one serving a specific purpose.

Interesting read.


#WebPayments standardizes payments 💳 on the web in open, consistent and flexible way. We've published a new ✨ set of documentations to learn more. Start from here: g.co/dev/WebPayments 💨

We have increased the session duration from 2 hours to 2 days.

No more logging in every 2 hours!

« Want to convince someone that you’re human? This one word could do the trick » https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018/09/want-convince-someone-you-re-human-one-word-could-do-trick #science #turingTest Show more

Quand pour vendre moins cher ... tu mets de la pub ...
encore un ... #Xiaomi


Bon maintenant si partout fleuri un bon tuto simple et accessible en français ... pour passer sur Lineage ... ou autre ;))))

c'est la meilleure des réponses à faire pour couillonner ceux qui veulent couillonner ... les con-sommateurs ;)))

"Whatever Happened to the Semantic Web?" by Sinclair Target twobithistory.org/2018/05/27/s

Great post. Lot of history there I wasn't aware of.

Si ce pouète a plus de 1 000 repouètes, je fais ma conf' à @ParisWeb avec un T-shirt de la boutique de l''Élysée.

@pixelfed Hello ! I have this everytime I want to reach the website. Am I the only one ? (linux, qutebrowser).

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