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achievement unlocked: SELF PROMOTING ARSE

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@schwa in most elevators they only work when fire mode is active

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i forgot to put some ring tail lemur hate memes in my profile but i don't want to be too easy to block or something hey this isn't twitter they have rules here

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can i write a plugin to pin a tweet because pinning tweets was fun oh how i miss that and the way twitter looked the other way at hate

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oh you can pin TOOTS


let me think about this a bit


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trans woman surgery-related and evangelion reference 

I am not sure what I need but it is something. Goddamn something for sure.

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hey!! for anybody in south bay, I'm gonna be performing at the Artsplosion event this sunday @ the Billy De Frank center in San Jose! It's a free event that has artists of all sorts presenting and selling their work. It's 2 PM - 7

@SifakaMon it’s been almost six months since I started trying to engage with this provider and I’m desperately trying not to fly off in abject rage

Absolutely stupid shit blew up at work today and distracted me long enough that I missed my follow up appt for HRT and now I have to wait a month and change to see my doctor again

Thinking of the trans folks I met on JoCo and how so few of them are near enough to get together with and the ones that are don’t reply to my pings and feeling glum.

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I've worked in all of these languages and have landed on java which is some extremely strong Capricorn energy
Aries: Ruby
Taurus: HTML
Gemini: Python
Cancer: Swift
Leo: C#
Virgo: C/C++
Libra: CSS
Scorpio: Typescript
Sagittarius: JavaScript
Capricorn: Java
Aquarius: Objective-C
Pisces: PHP

I saw someone who used to follow me before I dropped my main twitter account say something pretty discouraging and then delete it but I can’t DM her and it’s breaking my heart

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Here is a frame for your profile image that says I am a geek, Amiga lover, and trans for pride...

New selfie, I kind of like it. I have some appreciation for my non-binary appearance. I don’t think it’s exactly what I am ultimately comfortable with but I do think I’m closer to myself now.

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If you’re cold, they’re cold.

👏Let 👏 them 👏 in!

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First meeting with trans specialist group in the city was today. Here’s hoping...

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I wish there was an ad for HRT like this back in the early 2000s.

trans dysphoria 

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