I got a new phone keyboard!

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@psyklops there's actually some timing weirdness, I think there's an AT/XT mix up between the keyboard output and the PS2/USB controller.

@Sifuri_Ibex what's old is new again, by which I mean it's still compatible with what's new if you try hard enough

@Sifuri_Ibex totally a side question: i haven't seen a keyboard with those angled arrow keys in... well, maybe decades. what the heck do those send? a combination of two other arrow keys?

also, i sure do want a bunch of extra f-keys.

@brennen They actually send something similar to keysyms for two consequtive arrow keys, but they don't line up on byte boundaries correctly, so the subsequent keystroke gets mangled on a modern machine. I haven't found a way to usefully decode them, unfortunately, because I would totally use them!

@brennen The extra row of f-keys, on the other hand, are programmable macros! It's got a replaceable lithium cell to keep the macro memory alive. I had them mapped to tmux shortcuts for a while, and it worked so well I started to become dependent on them.

@Sifuri_Ibex this sounds highly useful, but as a person who is currently using a custom keypad to select modes for pedals to drive window manager shortcuts, i think i may have given up on ever again being able to use anyone else's computer some years ago.

@Sifuri_Ibex yeah, one of these days i'll probably document. it's still sort of a work in progress - that is, it works, but i think it needs a lot of refinement before it's usable enough to recommend to anyone.

@Sifuri_Ibex is that a focus 5001? I've got one lying around - I don't think I ever figured out it's turbo key.

@penguin42 Yup. The original owner kept the box and documentation for this one.
The Turbo key doesn't send a keysym, it just works in conjunction with the number keys to set an internal key repeat rate. Since modern BIOSs do this is software, it's not very useful.

@Sifuri_Ibex ash right, I got mine in a junk box in a radio rally with no docs

@penguin42 I even have the paper legend f-key inserts for WordStar, etc.

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