@fribbledom hey I see your awesome CLI tools! And it got me wondering do you ever use a tool like `hey`?


Or do you use or know another awesome alternative?

Shoutout to Beekeeper Studio!


An awesome open source SQL editor.

@cassidyjames Missed it but thanks for keeping it up as a video, watching it right now. :)

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“But can I get this album in lossless FLAC?”

–me before uploading the album to a server where it will be streamed over the Internet to my phone and then over Bluetooth to my wireless earbuds.

> By using simple tooling myself, I ensure that the software I develop does not become unnecessarily reliant on IDEs. If you use grep instead of jump-to-definition too much indirection becomes intolerable. For what I do, I think this results in better software.


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If you're thinking of making a confirmation dialog, stop, and please implement an undo instead. If the confirmation dialog is for exiting the program, save your state instead and implement a restore function so people can undo quit.

Confirmation dialogs are fine for things that affect other computers (sending a message, for instance). But if it's all happening locally, undo should replace any confirmation dialog.

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During an #accessibility review for a client I simulated blindness when using a screen reader. It gave me a vastly different perspective. I wrote something about it with two videos to demonstrate the differences.


@jsparber using Fractal every few days or so and love it!
Curious will this cause noticable changes for the end user?

@Eden sounds very rough, hope the snow melts soon!

@petergoes thanks! Think the Node.js API might be exactly what I need, it's not really documented what is returned but I'll give it a spin.

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Does anybody know a good node package to prerender code syntax highlighting?

So given code it returns HTML with spans and appropriate classes to style the code?

@danielhglus No it is not insecure but would be unexpected default behaviour of a browser. 🤓

More info: security.stackexchange.com/a/2

As in flags are for changing settings of a command.

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Wonder where the CLI convention of using a flag `--help` for usage information comes from. Feels like a `help` subcommand makes more sense?

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I wrote a blog post:
"How I built a browser extension in 2021 (using modern tools and libraries)"

check it out here:

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Finally watched Knives Out. It was so good!! Highly recommended as a fun and thrilling murder mystery.

Genuinely wonder is there anybody out there who prefers manual website dark/light theme settings over just following your OS preference?

If so, please tell why.

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