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The year is 2025

There are five browser cores:
- webkit
- chromium
- gecko
- servo
- youtube-dl, which ended up implementing a full-fledged browser in python to keep successfully downloading videos

@developit even with a build step would you choose HTM over JSX?

Curious about why and when you use it.

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Working on a new icon for App Icon Preview, using App Icon Preview :P

Iterating on this with @jimmac and @snwh is a ton of fun!

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I wonder why I spent my day making this but you can now use Contrast to compare "visually" multiple fg/bg

A threat I didn't think of before. Accepting PRs for open source projects that change the lock file should be done with care.

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I setup #Spotify TUI and Spotifyd for a mostly free software streaming setup.

It was quite easy to setup and uses way less resources than the Electron app or website.

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Need a working up-to-date version of `next-update` CLI in my life. This looks very useful, to fork or not to fork?

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configuring git to use bat instead of cat has been an incredibly sound decision. Look at this gorgeous diff! With method-aware context display!

Does anybody know how to get the resolved file path of an imported ECMAScript module in Node.js 13? Basically the equivalent of `require.resolve`.

🦇 TIL about the fill method on the the Array constructor in :

`[...Array(14).fill('NA '), 'BATMAN!!!'].join('')`

💡 TIL imgix, an image processing service, exposes their URL parameters in a machine-friendly JSON format in a versioned npm package:

Pretty nifty idea huh?

Buddhist development:
* There should be no code for the future or past, only the present
* Acknowledge that everything is connected when you add a feature
* Karma will cycle back so avoid shortcuts or clever tricks
* Code is ephemeral, don’t get attached
* Meditate on your problem and the answer will present itself

🕵️ Borrowed from Brian Lonsdorf, a.k.a. DrBoolean.


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