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covid19 aerosol transmission 

"A room, a bar and a classroom: how the coronavirus is spread through the air.

Here is an overview of the likelihood of infection in three everyday scenarios, based on the safety measures used and the length of exposure":

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Out now: Glow 1.1.0 🎊

🌟 Config File
Find yourself entering the same flags over and over? Not anymore: glow now supports a config file! See “glow help config”.

🌟 Local-Only Mode
You can now use glow without the network if you fancy. See “glow help”.

Initial commit on 'Dotilim' pushed, a project to change wallpapers in an uniform way with a nice dotfile configuration.

For now only contains a naive Rust CLI that works with GNOME. Would love to create a GUI using the same Rust code as a library sometime! 💭

Small snippet about the curb cut effect:
> Similar effects are found when you think of something like subtitles which were put in place for people with hearing problems. When you look at the raw number of users today, there are probably more students using them to learn a second or third language than people using them with actual hearing disabilities.

Love the branding of these Go CLI tools and packages to build CLI tools:

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Holy crap. Many of these vulnerabilities could have wreaked havock on Apple alone. Also, if a handful of hackers were able to access Apple internal systems this broadly for fun (and bounties, of course), I imagine the NSA and foreign governments can, too.

Just realized I'm now using three package managers on my laptop:
- Ubuntu's apt
- Rust's cargo
- npm's npm

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Firefox is losing, but Mozilla has a plan!

Good video :)

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Rewrote most of teleport and made the UI more modern and rounded ;)

It still needs some error handling before the release.

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Ironic how a package that checks your JS bundle size is itself 353 MB...


I know bundle size and package size are different, still wouldn't like using such a heavy package.

Looking to switch from Protonmail to: Fastmail, StartMail or Soverin.

Anybody experience with one of these services?

Switching away because Protonmail doesn't remember if I'm logged in and the inability to disable the spam filter.

When using an example command in a blog post to open a text file on a server what would you use?

Anybody knows a linux terminal emulator with dotfile configuration? Would like to save my color scheme and font settings as dotfiles.

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Our passwords are made into hash browns, covered in Himalayan sea salt, and put in a crypt with 256 bites in each end

— somebody at Twitter, probably

> “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.”

Applications should ship with less default keyboard shortcuts.

For example whenever I install VLC and AMD Adrenalin I clear 99/100 shortcuts. Both have defaults that are easy to trigger by mistake and don't match the core functionality.

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@lightweight Most people treat the internet like they treat cars. I am ok with driving a car around (sometimes), but have only the a highly abstract theoretical idea of how it works. I also don't have a great deal of interest in finding out, because I have other concerns. The manufacture of engine components might be monopolized by a few factories, but it's not something that keeps me up at night. I kind of trust that the factories make components to a safe enough standard.

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