Apaprently, having suffered from recently makes you an easy target for virus infections. I learned today that the immune system may overreact and attack the infected body part, even if it is just a common cold virus.

For me, the offending part was apparently my larynx, which made me quite uncomfortable. It effectively gave me false croup. It was so bad that @FiXato sent me to urgent care . An inhaler and some steroids later, and I'm slowly feeling better. Still can't talk though.

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It's off to disk we go!
A bit or byte to read or write
I/O I/O I/O I/O!

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Being fairly new to #Demoscene, I’m completely blown away by this video. It’s the Making Of “Second Reality” by Future Crew, a very influential PC demo and certainly one of my favourites. And it’s just a bunch of finnish kids in a cramped room talking over one another? :D I especially love the music in this - Jonne Valtonen / “Purple Motion” is 16 years old here. Absolutely incredible, these people are wizards!


I really enjoyed the Amigacapella animation at . Did I hear some classic tracker music in there?

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A spaceship landed, and an alien emerged.
"Greetings, Earthlings, we come in peace. Take us to-"
"Do you have a tractor beam?"
"-your... Pardon?"
"A tractor beam. Or some other way of lifting something huge and heavy?"
"Of course, but-"
"Do you know where the Suez channel is?"

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#BeardGrabber was watching a #Greek kid's video about fruits and vegetables, and #tomato came up as: ντομάτα / ntomáta

Now I'm curious where the extra v/n in front of it comes from. :)


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My new computer is approaching its final state. The most powerful graphics card did unfortunately not work, but what I have now is 100% useful.

Now I just need to reorganise 1,5 TB of data, more than half of it flower photos...

Can anyone explain why tea sometimes drips down along the pot when we try to pour from it? I can't see a pattern to this

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A Metro train in Rotterdam overshot the end of its track, but caught on a giant whale tail sculpture instead of falling 30 feet to the ground. No passengers were onboard, and the driver escaped unharmed. Now they have to figure out how to get the train down safely.

The sculpture, incidentally, is called "Saved by the Whale's Tale."



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#1 is a salmon swimming through reeds, kelp, then reeds again.

#2 is a puffball mushroom spreading its spores in turbulent wisps.

#3 is a fat toad sitting on a giant toadstool.

#4 is eagles and seagulls flying around the radio tower of my town.

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Version 1.3(.1) of adds multiple tabs. :)


Next up will be making the amount of tabs and columns user-configurable by allowing them to add and remove tabs/columns one by one. :)

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Silphium is an extinct plant which once grew in North Africa. In the ancient Mediterranean, it was used as a seasoning, perfume, medicine, aphrodisiac, and contraceptive.

It was the main trade item from the city of Cyrene in what is now Libya. Silphium was so important to Cyrenese trade, the plant was stamped onto their coins. Some of those coins show only the seed pods of the plant, which are heart shaped – and some people speculate this may be where the now ubiquitous heart symbol originally came from 💚

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won't be long till the makes his own lunch. 😂
He already knows where everything is. After I handed him the package of wraps, he took the clothespins off that we use to keep them from drying out, took out a wrap, asked for his 'kanin fat' (rabbit plate), put the wrap on it, and covered the wrap with cheese I sliced off one slice at a time.
Then he put it in the microwave himself, added the plastic cover and closed it.
Waited for me to turn it on 'cause he knows he's not allowed

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I want to write a technical/design article about computer systems and how they treat names.

Based on my knowledge of and social experience with white America, cisgender men almost never have to even give the slightest thought to their name ever changing.

But I wanted to check myself and scope that assertion, if needed. Is men changing names common in other cultures? :boost_requested:

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The 1996 website for #Babylon5 is mostly archived and I love it.


Click the big logo to enter because that's how we used to roll back on the day.

This reveals (or reminds) fun things like how Warner Bros used to host an official IRC server for fans of their shows and 360" panoramas of the sets in Quicktime VR.

Best viewed in Netscape 3! ☄️​


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"Right now, all of the places we can assemble on the web in any kind of numbers are privately owned. And privately-owned public spaces aren’t real public spaces. They don’t allow for the play and the chaos and the creativity and brilliance that only arise in spaces that don’t exist purely to generate profit. And they’re susceptible to being gradually gaslighted by the companies that own them."

- #AnilDash


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