Thanks to to going tits up like a week in for inspiring me to do this

Taken aback by the volume of farts spewing from me

Irritatingly difficult to find a truly good salsa plz recommend

ok i'm going to be posting more on mastodon again whahts hould i post


Turns out horses have large penis

‪Wanna start playing destiny 2 on pc but need ppl to play with, if you wanna play plz reply

No ones actually ON mastodon we just change instances and post notices about it

🎶 I killed a cop
And I liked it 🎶

Motorcycles are cool as hell but I don’t want to die a very painful death

‪I’m going to get High and play video games all day ‬HMU

I’m 29 and I haven’t even pet a kangaroo life is fuckin garbage

My favorite mention is the automated messages that someone has switched instances those are cool

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