- Giant monster
- good pacing
- not much ambushing
- guaranteed to have a big cool fight

- small monster
- can be over in seconds
- only ambushing
- might have zero fights

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Suddenly resolving to learn to mod a specific game for a meme, an entirely disproportionate idea that will absolutely not increase my workload lol

Playing evolve and predator: hunting grounds in the same night is the wine tasting of "preying upon lowly humans as hyper evolved monstrous forms"

do i have the energy to actually commit to making complicated pastries tomorrow morning? we shall seee

the problem with making bread is that warm bread is so good you eat it all without realizing, thus ruining your plan to save it

hey if like, Any of you wanna do stuff, I'm free the next two days and am supposed to *not* be doing work so hit me up

Tryin to relax 

mildly annoying that trying to take time off work has resulted in having the brain space to spin in circles going "why aren't You beING PRODUCtiVE" like, damn stop that self

Hggg halfway through workout and mood tanks, need. To. Motivate

mtg memes 

Sheoldred saying "pray for my father, he's not dead but he'll wish he was when i'm through with him"

learn from my mistakes. not every jug of dark liquid in the fridge is iced tea.

sometimes it is soy sauce.

no context 

Game: You can play minigames! They are fun!

*game displaying a rotting corpse during this explanation*

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no context 

Its a Stray cat, it can't afford anti-aliasing

Masto just loaded all the notifs from the last 3 days at once and the noise was certainly something

What are birthday shopping trips for jf not being the most gender being in the grocery store

At least 4 middle aged dads recoiled from my presence and rushed to get out of any aisle i am in, i am unstoppable

*sudden realization* why are my favorite games all personally competitive rather than generally competitive.

to Explain.

games where you build a competitive arc with a single other player over the course of not just a single match but the entirety of your playtime essentially

more silly karas thoughts 

Karas is trans cause i say it is but also cause a guy believes he shouldnt have been born the way he is so hard it births a catgirl from his soul thus giving him his sentai powers again like...

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more silly karas thoughts 

*hospital fuckin implodes*

"Ah. Never the less, things are normal we promise"

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more silly karas thoughts 

Sure the mayor is corrupt but we there is a twink living in a mega tower in the center of town and monologuing about the sins of humanity, we have larger problems then standard graft

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