Contextless Karas thoughts

Damn spiders Georgina's transition went well

more silly karas thoughts, kink mention 

Hypno domme cat girls only brainwash random coma patients into being sentai heroes when they ARE VERY DISTRESSED

more silly karas thoughts 

Yes i did become a cybernetic abomination powered by human blood. But consider.

I really wanted to take a selfie.

And for that i cannot be judged

more silly karas thoughts 

I have perfected the human form! I am all powerful!!!! Kneel before my genius!!!

*begins hovering 6 inches off the ground after a 10 minutes start up*

more silly karas thoughts 

Sure the mayor is corrupt but we there is a twink living in a mega tower in the center of town and monologuing about the sins of humanity, we have larger problems then standard graft

more silly karas thoughts 

*hospital fuckin implodes*

"Ah. Never the less, things are normal we promise"


more silly karas thoughts 

Karas is trans cause i say it is but also cause a guy believes he shouldnt have been born the way he is so hard it births a catgirl from his soul thus giving him his sentai powers again like...

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