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Remember this is not normal, gay dorks only do this when very happy because of terrible monarchs getting dunked into hell

Alright! This piece is in the final stages, so if someone wants it let me knooow! it can be either a full necklace or a choker/collar so if you do want it dm me and we can talk variation choice and final measurements!

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Even i can tell its going to be fun as heck for those who love the boomer shooter! Like usual i wish it was easier to see things, wish dodging/cover made more sense to my brain but the frenetic combat seems solid

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Verge World!

Its cute, a whole game of death star trench runs. Heinously hard to drive straight when the effects cover the screen so you constantly have to reset because of the instant death if you touch a wall

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Damn, don't you hate it when you land on an inhospitable planet and

ai gen art, plural 

Generated plurality visualizations in order



*lifting ai generated color soup*


*Beholding the card with a name so long the ai squished the text into a bar code to fit in in*


*Becoming Aware of this Perfect Creature*


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