One of the reason I started using Firefox of Chrome was the tab carousel. I feel it's now enabling my problem.

Ah fuck, I'm not deleting and re-adding that. "Firefox OVER Chrome".

Sorry folks.

@Dinoracha In practice, it's mostly a visual substitute for my browser history. I guess I leave them mostly as "bookmarks", but really it's just a very memory-inefficient archive of good intentions.

@Simonscarfe Ah, I can’t really talk then. My ‘record’ once was nearly 100 since I was doing self-troubleshooting research and going bonkers from it.

@Dinoracha in Chrome there's a nice extension called "tabs outliner" which opens them as child tabs so you get a sense of where they were sourced from ("oh yes, this was all started from hitting TV Tropes again, whoops!"), and allows you to collapse them & save for retrieval later on. That seems like a good solution for your usecase, at least!

I keep meaning to check for a FF equivalent.

@Simonscarfe That sounds so useful for my late-night problem solving sessions that it hurts. I’ll have a gander at that, cheers for the info!

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