Anyone / their own photos? I have 4gb downloaded from flickr and not really sure what to do with them. The two leading choices seem to be (I like that it's extensible, but feels pretty heavyweight/wordpressy, no ) and (looks modern, but a bit too instagrammy, and relatively "young").

Would love to hear others' experiences. (excuse the tagspam, throwing stuff at a wall here :D)

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upon further digging, I've registered for the pixelfed beta instance. Very much not for me. Too streamy, no real organisation (I'd love tags, but albums would be fine), privacy options too simple - very much attracting the instagram rather than me. Might hack together a piwiki server in the interim. Much rather that than give it all over to yet another cloud company.

and thinking about it, two things are obviously missing from everything open and indieweb out there atm - tags and the focusing/surfacing of creative commons content.

A real thrill I had early on in the mid/late 2000s was uploading some relatively inane image, say a cute donkey, only to vanity search my name later on and discover it used in some random local US newspaper.

OK, now I'm just mumbling to myself like a div, but looks nice. Might try that.

@Simonscarfe Wow, that’s pretty ageist of you about PixelFed. 😄

Ok but seriously, for self-hosting, PixelFed has been pretty great so far, and is updating regularly.

I’ve also seen Lychee, never used. But it looks pretty good:

I’ve also seen plenty of articles that describe ways to set up WordPress with the right theme to essentially be a photo host/sharing service, plus I bet there’s a Flickr importer.

@chartier haha - “these new projects better keep off my lawn”.

Lychee looks very much along the lines of what I’m thinking about, thanks! Cloned and installed last night, will have a play with both over the weekend and see what comes of them.

@andreasio @chartier Hey Andreas - apologies for seeing this so late (I need to make mastodon more of a habit).

I installed it locally, had a play and then intended on "doing something with my photos" and using it in anger. But then... best intentions and all that, it's a long-lived todo.

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